You decide

An excerpt from The Happy Atheist has been published on Beliefnet. Now you can make up your mind easily: if you hate it, don’t buy it (although from what I’ve seen, the people who hate it don’t need to read it to make up their minds). If you love it and can afford it, sink some cash into the book (it’s quite pretty, white with blue trim, it might fit the decor in your bathroom quite well). If you’re kinda meh about it, or too poor to pay for it, enter the contest to win a free copy!

Oh, also, if you’re a group interested in bringing me out to your city to talk about the themes in the book, you can contact my publicist at Random House, Josefine Kals. I asked her if she was sure she wanted me to put her contact here, and she said yes — she knows not what she does, so be kind and circumspect.


  1. Sastra says

    The Happy Atheist is waiting for me on my kindle. I have peeked and read the introduction, but that was cheating. I’m supposed to be saving it for next week when I go camping.

    I will always associate your first book with bug spray, sleeping bags, and little propane stoves.

  2. petemoulton says

    The Happy Atheist is already firmly ensconced on my kindle, scheduled to be read just as soon as I finish reading Jody Hey’s book.

  3. AndrewD says

    My copy is due to arrive in tomorrows post (mail) and it will join the every increasing “books to read pile”. I looked at my”that looks an interesting book” list-it stood at 60 and that doesn’t include my Bigriver wish list.Its a good job (in some respects) that money is tight.

  4. Kale says

    Hey PZ, I want to buy your book. I have it up on Amazon but I wanted to ask first: is there a place we can buy it where you’ll get more of a cut?

    Thanks for all you do.

  5. qwerty says

    I went to the Barnes & Noble where your reading was held, but I had to work unil 8pm and everyone was gone by the time I got there. A very nice B&N employee was folding up the folding chairs and said everything went rather nicely at the reading.

    I did find a stack of autographed copies on the table where you left them. I have bought one but haven’t had the time to read it as I am currently rereading a book about the civil war battle at Gettyburg.

  6. says

    I’m about halfway through The Happy Atheist, and enjoying it very much. Another e-copy is awaiting reading on Mister’s tablet, but he’s currently working out an obsession with Jim Hines’s books, so he probably won’t get to it for a week or two.

  7. rdmcpeek43 says

    Bought my copy through Amazon. Tracking says I should get it today. I *am* a happy atheist!

  8. Thomas Wright says

    Bought it. Read it. I was surprisingly impressed. Some very good bloggers can’t put together a coherent full-length work.

  9. opposablethumbs says

    I have the same question as Kale @6 – does where we buy from make any difference to your cut, and if so which is the best channel through which to buy? (from outside the USAlienworld, in my case)

  10. footface says

    I read Pharyngula every day, and as much as I enjoy your writing, you never struck me as particularly happy. But I just read the excerpt from The Happy Atheist, and it looks great. I’ll be getting a copy.

  11. marcoli says

    That was a nice reading! Funny that the web site the excerpt was in was a religious one. Your excerpt should make it burst into flames.
    OK, I will buy it.

  12. David Wilford says

    Well PZ, the short excerpt is about harshing the mellow of religious believers. I was more curious about what it is about atheism that makes you happy.

  13. says

    I totally thought I preordered it.

    But then I found out that when you preorder for Amazon kindle, it doesn’t actually charge the provided card. So I assumed (foolishly) that the charge had gone through. Until I got the notification on the 13th that “There was a problem” from Amazon. So I’ll be getting it with next month’s fun money.

    Looking forward to it tho :3

  14. says

    Well PZ, the short excerpt is about harshing the mellow of religious believers. I was more curious about what it is about atheism that makes you happy.

    Aaaaw, poor David Wilford, PZ didn’t write a book just for you. Poor guy. I suppose if you’re curious enough, you’ll just have to read the book.

  15. jste says

    The only reason i don’t have a copy yet is because I’m broke. (Also, is there an ebook version out in Australia yet?)

  16. HappyNat says

    it’s quite pretty, white with blue trim

    I got mine Saturday and it is quite pretty, or in my case was pretty. Sunday morning I sat down to read it with my morning coffee and spilled a few drops on the cover. THIS is why I can’t have nice things. *sigh*

    I’m only about 1/3 of the way through and was enjoying it until work took a shit on my head.

  17. John Phillips, FCD says

    I got my dead tree copy last week but why, if it is already available in the US, isn’t the Kindle version available for us in the UK yet.

  18. dancaban says

    My copy arrived yesterday and also got a 27p refund from Amazon, dropping the price already? Yet to read it though as I’m too busy cleaning up the house for when the wife and kids get back from the Ukraine next week. I deep clean.

  19. RobertL says

    Got mine in the mail earlier this week. It’s on the pile of unread books on my bedside table.