Botanical Wednesday: Romania!

I’ll be boarding a plane very shortly and going totally incommunicado until I land in Bucharest sometime tomorrow morning…so I’ll leave you something pretty to look at. This is Rosa canina, the dog rose, and the national flower of Romania.


And just because I like it, here’s Salvia transsylvanica, or the Transylvanian sage.


My destination is looking gorgeous already.


  1. ChasCPeterson says

    here’s Salvia transsylvanica

    I like a flower that’s not shy about being an insect trap.

  2. rq says

    The dog rose seems to be a popular state/national/provincial symbol around the world.
    As for the salvia, that’s just awesomeness.

  3. moarscienceplz says

    PZ sez, “I’m in Minnesota, but I’m afraid I just can’t Romania any longer.”

    Hey, someone had to say it.

  4. latsot says

    Bucharest is an interesting city with an extraordinary history. However, you WILL be knocked down by at least four cars and possibly mauled by wild dogs. A small price to pay.