1. says

    You can’t call it Christmas, you mean the Winter Holiday… I mean the Spring Holiday… oh crap, it’s the Devil beating his wife, that’s this messed up weather is,

  2. unclefrogy says

    I thought there were some early spring melts in the recent past or something?
    what will august bring is what I am thinking about out here in L.A. this summer. We have been kind of dry and mild so far.
    hope you have a summer at least and one that is not overly hot.
    I’m guessing that some crops may be delayed or yields reduced by this weather. which may effect prices.
    uncle frogy

  3. dianne says

    Okay, explain again about global warning.

    Global warming. Local cooling due to changed weather patterns, specifically changes in arctic ice.

    Yes, I know you’re being sarcastic, just pointing out that cooler weather in MN this year is consistent with, not arguing against, global warming. In case any lurkers were confused.

  4. raven says


    It’s time for the War on Xmas again? It seems to come earlier every year.

    Whatever. I have to meet up again with my elite commando unit. We always have lunch and then do a huge amount of shopping.

  5. gregpeterson says

    What this planet needs is an ombudsman. A real one.

    Working in Minneapolis right now and out the window, pure white–visibility is a matter of a feet. Ugly, ugly stuff. I think I’ve surprassed the Inuit in the number of names I have for snow–most of them starting wtih “f.”

  6. Irony says

    Yeah no kidding. It’s a frigid 80 degrees here. I can’t wait till we get into the proper 90 degree spring weather.

  7. naturalcynic says

    Spent three winters in Mad City. Biggest snowstorm we had during that time was mid-April.

    Where I am now, I had to put on long pants the last three days because it dropped down to highs in the low 60’s with 20+ mph winds. Back to the 80’s for the weekend.

  8. toro says

    PZ, ever seen the movie “Groundhog Day”? The bad news is: you are now entering your own twilight zone where you’ll relive the same Christmas day again and again, until you disavow the shameful War on Christmas©™ and fully embrace the holiday with all its religious meaning (if any).

    The good news is: You can always go home again, simply by clicking your tongue three times and saying, “I don’t believe in this crap.”

  9. yubal says

    We hit the high 80s low 90s earlier this week. First open air concert of the year is already over and the neighbors run their AC since Friday.

  10. says

    It is December, isn’t it?

    Minnesota is above the arctic circle, isn’t it?

    Wait, I live in a slightly more northern latitude than Morris, Minnesota so that means that I would be above the arctic circle. Oh well, as long as it is sunnyish.

  11. UnknownEric the Apostate says

    Well, we can only hope that all this snow will prod Paul Westerberg to go back in his basement and make another album. ;)

  12. says

    Well, speaking as someone whose neighborhood is apparently trying the become a new inlet of Lake Michigan, and whose basement seems to be leading the charge, I’m not so sure you have so much to complain about right now.

  13. Nerd of Redhead, Dances OM Trolls says

    Checked the KRC snow cam in Dah YooPee. They still have 3 feet of white stuff on the ground. So it just isn’t you PZ.

  14. dancaban says

    Get yer sledge out, it could be your last chance until May! BTW Summer is on a Wednesday this year.

  15. The Mellow Monkey says

    We’ve had six and a half months of snow here. There have been a few days where grass was visible, but it never lasted longer than a week. My niece’s baby (eleven months old) was terrified when she saw grass the other day, as she’d never seen it before and couldn’t recognize this horrifying ground cover that had replaced her familiar snow.

  16. Rando says

    Well, it’s currently 80 degrees here in Georgia, I’d be more than willing to trade you.

  17. says

    And here in Eugene, where I recall PZ went to school once upon a time, it’s barely snowed at all for the last decade. I’m guessing it wasn’t like that in the 1970’s; I know it wasn’t like that in the ’80’s.
    Weather here seems to be getting progressively more boring.

  18. yazikus says

    In my part of the woods we are looking forward to another “Juneuary”. Cold, wet, icky weather before the July and August 100’s. Right now I just wish the building AC would kick off. I’m freezing!

  19. magistramarla says

    Where I live, it’s 63 today, 63 tomorrow, 64 Friday and 61 Saturday, just like every day of the year.
    If it gets to 70, the locals think it’s a hot day.
    Man, I dread moving back to hot, hot Texas next month.

  20. jnorris says

    The snow pack will melt and the Mississippi River valley will flood and the red state governors will be yelling bloody murder for sequestered federal disaster relief.

  21. says

    Fuck me, I had my first bus show up an hour late and the second one slipping on the tires.

    Winter really does need to understand that it’s over. We’re supposed to be moving on and Winter keeps calling at all hours of the night asking why we broke up with it.

  22. Stardrake says

    The mayor of Minneapolis declared tomorrow “Ski To Work Day”.

    Fortuitously, I arranged for tomorrow off last week….

  23. Old At Heart says

    It was 25 frick’n degrees out today. I was melting. And by the weekend, it’s hitting zero (Celcius). I’d kill (a small bug or a houseplant) for a reliable temperature. Any reliable temperature.

    (For the one last holdout of ancient British inaccurate temperature readings of ‘murcah, yesterday was 46, today was 77 [80 with humidity], tomorrow will be 35.)

  24. Ragutis says

    90-ish again in sunny FL. The mosquitoes are bonkers already. And huge. Seriously, HUGE. Like, I’ve never seen skeeters this big. On the positive (?) side, they’re so big you instantly feel when one thuds into you while landing and that means you get a chance to swat them before they bite. I did manage to make it down the block to the mail and back unscathed.

  25. teejaykay says

    Huh, and here I thought we over here in northern Europe were confused. It’s April, and we still got -15 Celsius nights and snowfall about a week back even though that pesky sunlight kept on melting that poor snow… which in turn turned into ice the very next night. For the past few years, we’ve been seeing snow on the ground later than usual — October, more often November at these latitudes. This winter we only got snow in December and even that melted away a couple of times before it became a lasting layer.

    Additionally, we’re not seeing migrating birds that would usually be here by now. Right now it’s +4 degrees Celsius, and we’re bloody near to May!