Podcast Friday, 6pm Central time

Let’s do the google+ thingie again, shall we? It’s been suggested that we talk about quackery, and that sounds good to me — there are a couple of recent news items about the placebo effect and good ol’ Burzynski that are giving me heartburn.

I’ll send out a general invite on Google+ to previous participants; if you want to join in, leave (or email) your Google+ name to me and I’ll chuck you into my Pharyngula podcast circle.


  1. Rawnaeris, FREEZE PEACHES says

    *sadface* you finally hold a podcast that is at a time I would normally be able to attend, and I’m going to be going out of town that morning. Participating in this podcast at my in-laws would not be a wise idea.
    Oh, well. Have fun all! I look forward to watching it.

  2. David Marjanović says

    …Argh. Too soon for me. :-( I haven’t had much sleep lately, especially last night, so I’ll avoid trying to stay up till after midnight tomorrow, and… I could buy a webcam, but I’m soon going to buy a new computer that probably has a built-in webcam…


  3. digibud says

    I’d appreciate an invite. I expect to be back from a bike ride by then. Bud Kuenzli is my google plus name. It’s my real name, too :). Humorously I avoided signing up for G+ till now. Less than 5min after signing up I got a phone call from Google, “Hello, this is Google with a critical message for the business owner…”. That’s as far as I listened. I won’t reveal what came out of my mouth as the phone was hung up.

  4. Beatrice says


    Great. I’ll probably comment during. Otherwise, there would be little point in staying awake just to listen to the podcast in real time.

  5. Cannabinaceae says

    The Great Feathered One (GFO or “Jiffo” – see my avatar) approves of Quackery as the topic.

    Unfortunately, Friday is the day of Family Pizza Night, so I will not attend live. I will message you on G+ or email. Anybody else can, with a bit of G+fu, my ‘nym, and knowledge of my Love of Hops (the second or third bottle of beer highly seasoned with, I will be into by the time the ‘cast starts), easily determine Who I Am on that social notworking site.

  6. says

    If you could open your internet to a poor rock hound such as myself I’d be very grateful. Nichelle Wrenn is how you may find me on G+.

  7. redclaire says

    Well, it will be midnight here, but I would like to watch it so will try and stay awake!
    Can you add me to the circle? My G+ is Claire Baker Donnelly.
    These are the only things it’s worth being on G+ for.

  8. says

    Btw – my G+ name is shaggyj in case u didn’t catch that in my last post. Please send me an invite for the podcast….. Thanks!

  9. tanoro says

    Count me in, PZ! My G+ name is Christopher Gray. I have had representatives from the Burzynski Clinic on my show, blogged about my opinions of his treatment, exchanged e-mails with David Gorski who has also criticized Dr. B., and debated Burzynski’s followers. I have heard lots of their arguments and can provide all kinds of content on it.

  10. reynoldhall says

    Well, if you’ve not already gotten all the participants you wanted, I’ll ask if you would add me in as well.

    My google plus name is just “+Reynold”.