1. Stacy says

    I voted; but I think this is one of those meaningless polls, just for show; the editors of Time will make the decision.

    Maybe they will be influenced by poll results though.

    I’d like to see her win the Nobel Peace Prize.

  2. says

    Our own Maryam Namazie did a piece featuring Malala recently (link here: Doing the Taliban proud). She links to a really bizarre website. That of a group called sharia4pakistan. They are holding a conference soon, and the big draw card is the issuing of a fatwa against Malala.

    What the holy flying fuck? What next? Issuing fatwas at half time during sports events – to keep the punters occupied?

  3. randay says

    Malala is currently third in the vote, however the poll also shows negative votes and she has the least amount of those. So don’t forget to vote negative on the two candidates preceding her.

  4. Ragutis says


    It appears that the Muslim Brotherhood is not bad at Pharyngulating. Mohammed Morsy has >111,000 “Definitely” votes. Kim Jong Un only has 68,000. (I presume thhe DPRK effort is being hampered by only having 5 computers. On dial-up.)

    Both are more than the totals of anyone else.

    BTW, be sure to vote on all “candidates”, yes or no. And it seems that you can go through it more than once.

  5. yoav says

    @Draken #7
    I’m not sure islamists have anything to do with it. The person of the year is supposedly someone who was influential not neceserily in a positive way (Hitler won in 38, Stalin in 39 and again in 42), under these conditions Morsi, as a representative of the rise of islamist governments in the wake of the arab spring, is defiantly a legitimate choice.