1. paulburnett says

    They actually use those tentacles to climb trees, which can cause large pumpkins to develop way off the ground – enchanting but dangerous.

  2. mildlymagnificent says

    That’s why sensible people give them a ladder or a sloping lattice to climb onto the roof of the garden shed. Not suitable for conventional watermelons or the biiiiig pumpkins – but fantastic for butternuts and similar sized sweet melons.

  3. chigau (棒や石) says

    I have hops between me and my driveway.
    They are out to get me.
    (I know it’s not the same thing but they are all spikey-tendrilly, too.)

  4. ChasCPeterson says

    now if I’d looked it up first, I would have also used the terms ‘hispid’ and (heh) ‘pubescent’:

    nice, hispid trichomes on that pubescent tendril

  5. ChasCPeterson says

    fuck, the tendril is hispid. The trichomes are (possibly) ‘hispidous’.
    I’ll shut up.

  6. Trebuchet says

    Sorry, but there’s something about tendrils that always creeps me out a little. It’s the way they grab on to things, I guess. Sort of breeching the line between plant and animal. Perhaps that’s the deep psychological meaning to what I do with pumpkins!