1. Chrisco says

    Thats pretty. Is there a name for the flagella-like things that loops around things. Similar to some of the vegetables in my garden.

  2. Brownian says

    What, a pod critter that can nip off a baby finger or two?

    An exciting toy, but the liability exposure seems on the high side.

    It does seems that there’s a lot of potential for smaller parts to get swallowed.

  3. Amphiox says

    mrbongo, you are an idiot.

    But that is not really your problem. Idiocy can be remedied by study.

    No, mrbongo, you have a deeper problem.

    mrbongo, you are an intellectual dishonest, LAZY idiot.

    Because otherwise you would have taken the effort to READ PZ’s blog more closely, and come across the MANY, MANY times he has criticized Islam, including “moderate” Islam.

    LAZY, intellectual dishonesty cannot be remedied. It is an indication that you are a person of such low ethical standards that you are not worth engaging, except to mock.


  4. Phledge says

    I think the only thing PZ would object to is that he’d have to fly with this trog for 14 hours to get to Pakistan.

  5. tbtabby says


    Because otherwise you would have taken the effort to READ PZ’s blog more closely, and come across the MANY, MANY times he has criticized Islam, including “moderate” Islam.

    But he didn’t call for all Muslims to be rounded up and sent to the gas chamber. That means he’s soft on Islam.

  6. MG Myers says

    WMDKitty and jaybee – you are so funny!

    This post reminded me of the awesome Port Jackson sharks and their brown spiral egg cases at the Melbourne Aquarium. Here’s a link to the Australian Museum website that has some photos and information about the sharks.

  7. john says

    I used to find shark’s purses washing up on the beach all the time on the Long Island Sound, but they were black and opaque and I thought they were some kind of seaweed until I was old enough to go to the library.

  8. pipenta says

    @ # 13 john,

    Yes, yes, yes, me too. I thought they were seaweed because they looked like some big old freaky kelp float and reminded me of the bulbous tips of rockweed. And when I found out that they were actually animal, vertebrate egg cases no less, I got dizzy with excitement. This is my favorite thing about biology, the wonderful element of surprise when you didn’t expect something. And you can’t possible expect all the terrific organisms that have come tumbling out the other end of the evolutionary chute. Treasure!

    I actually have a tattoo of a mermaid’s purse, a skate’s egg case, from L.I.S.. And I meant to have it intertwined with one of those yellow translucent shark’s egg cases as pictured above. What with one thing and another (money, time) I haven’t gotten to it. But lately I’m thinking instead of a series of Chondrichthian egg cases, I might have a composition of whelks and other local species, perhaps laid over a scrolling banner or seaweed that twists around my arm.

    It would be lovely, but quite an extravagance. *sigh*.

    A general question about these threads. How is it that at reply #4, the conversation turns to perceived flaws of a Mr. Bongo? I don’t see a mention of him in the original post. What is going on here? It is not the first time I’ve been confused by the turn the threads have taken. Elsewhere these would be considered a hijack and bad form. Not on Pharyngula?

    ‘splain, plz!

  9. David Marjanović says

    ‘splain, plz!

    Probably the good man was a banned troll who came back under another name. In such case, PZ bans the new identity and deletes all comments it has made, leaving the replies hanging.

  10. Amphiox says

    Pipenta, mrbongo was a lunatic troll who spammed copypasta challenges insults to PZ sequentially on every single thread, one after the other, with the same odious message again and again. Before PZ finally banned him and deleted all his posts.

  11. pipenta says

    David & Amphiox, Thank you for the explanation.

    Troll herding is such a bother. I always very much admired Teresa Nielsen Hayden’s invention of disemvoweling trollish comments. It was clever and effective. You could, if you struggled, read what the idiots had to say, if you felt the urge. But it was the equivalent of making them sit in the corner and wear a dunce hat and pretty much silencing them. It probably saved some of the hassle of keeping track of new account names. But mostly, it was funny and it took the wind out of those spiteful little creatives. I don’t think they do it over at Boing Boing anymore, which is a pity.