1. StevoR says

    My what very short tentacles she’s, umm, not wearing!

    Real image or animation? Looks more like the latter to me.

    What species is that – cuttlefish I’m guessing perhaps incorrectly?

    Also, how do we know that’s a girl? (Curious.)

  2. magistramarla says

    The last time I visited Vegas, I was pretty partial to “The Thunder From Down Under” myself.

  3. The Rat King says


    I’m no expert (at all; I live in a freaking desert,) but as I understand it males have two longer tentacles, serving as grabbers, trappers and naughty bits.

    Or I could be utterly wrong. Maybe they’re supposed to have udders or something. I dunno. Give me a rat and I can tell you what it is thinking…

  4. spamamander, hellmart survivor says


    I don’t want that organism anywhere NEAR my pubic. (I’ve seen enough hentai to know where that is going…)

  5. DLC says

    @spammander #10: what, it just wants a little cuddle!
    that’s why they’re called cuddle fish!