1. Nomen Nescio says

    at least they should make really convenient research subjects, assuming they can be raised in lab conditions anyway. what did number so-and-so eat this morning, and is it getting digested yet? well, let’s see…

  2. otrame says

    You know, PZ, I always liked cephalopods, but these pictures you show us every week are so beautiful that they bring tears to my eyes. What Dawkins calls magic (in the emotional sense) overwhelms me. Thank you for reminding us just how wonderful the universe is that has such creatures in it.

  3. fredbloggs says

    Cockatoos are friendly animals. One climbed onto me shoulder at a Zoo in Cairns. Would the bugger get off?

    Not sure I’d want this on my shoulder though.

  4. fredbloggs says

    Although it is a cool animal. Further testament to the wonder that that is the FSM’s creation.

  5. says

    fredbloggs #14 said “Cockatoos are friendly animals.”
    Oh really?
    #8 – My kitty agrees with #12. She’s in the garage right now hunting those transparent devils! I think I’ll let her out on the kitty leash now. That’s the law in town now, don’t ya know?