Boring old Lorem Ipsum

You’ve probably seen that placeholder text for websites in progress — piles of nonsense Latin that’s just there to represent sample text. Now there’s something better: the Samuel L. Ipsum generator. Next time you’re designing a website for a church or pre-school, use this program to build up some random text for your demonstration.

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  1. lambert says

    Well all I can say to that is…

    Are you ready for the truth?
    Well, the way they make shows is, they make one show. That show’s called a pilot. Then they show that show to the people who make shows, and on the strength of that one show they decide if they’re going to make more shows. Some pilots get picked and become television programs. Some don’t, become nothing. She starred in one of the ones that became nothing.

  2. says

    How about a David Marshall blather generator, something randomly churning out dumbass apologetic rationalizations?

    I mean, there are many sites that seem to be covered in that shit (argumentum ad majorem for example), UD, the Discovery Institute website, AiG, ICR, which no doubt will soon replace it with substantive arguments and evidence.

    So it’s apparently popular enough.

    Glen Davidson

  3. Brownian says

    How about a David Marshall blather generator, something randomly churning out dumbass apologetic rationalizations?

    Except that he doesn’t. He sarcasticallty churns out list of names of other apologists, as if they transfer their talent to him by virtue of worshipping the same god he does (but never the same god as bad Christians, of course.)

    Suggest science obviates the need for gods:
    “Right. Sure. That’s why there are no Christian scientists or science philosphers. Gosh, I hope Stephen Meyer’s car doesn’t crash, being apparently driven by no-one.”

    Call him a hack writer:
    “Oh-ho! Yeah, I’m a hack. Because I’m a Christian. Right. Yep, all Christians are hack writers. Like C.S. Lewis. Right. Don’t you atheists know anything?”

    Mention you like Indian food:
    “Right. Because Christians don’t like Indian food. Right. Yep. Sure. Whatever you New Atheists say. I’m sure Dinesh D’Souza has never tasted chapati.”

    I dunno. Maybe his books consist of more than just more lists, but given that Christians aren’t very fucking discerning (“You’re a Christian? I’m a Christian! I don’t care what you have to say, because I already know you’re right. Go-o-o-o-o-o, TRUTH!”)

  4. Mimisbrunnr says

    Am I the only web developer who was bugged by the fact that this totally defeats the purpose of Lorem Ipsum?

  5. says

    Maybe his books consist of more than just more lists, but given that Christians aren’t very fucking discerning

    Oh, they do, they also include quotes from people, without any apparent understanding of their veracity.

    Yes, and the assumption that Berlinski, for instance, is a credible critic of evolutionary theory. Because, you know, he can sneer with all of the competence of David Marshall himself.

    IOW, no, the book is no more intelligent than Marshy’s pathetic posts here. Above all, it’s really quite devoid of discernment and judgment, rather being nothing more than tu quoque arguments and lack of recognition as to why, for instance, Dennett would (quite legitimately) call IDiots “frauds and charlatans.” (And yes, they may even believe what they say, but clearly DI fellows aren’t unaware that they are deceptive by both commission and omission–or if they are unaware, their cluelessness and denialism is something like record-breaking.)

    Glen Davidson

  6. Igakusei says

    Haha, I hadn’t realized why they used pseudo-Latin in the first place. Now that I know, it bugs me too.

  7. Rey Fox says

    Brownian: Don’t forget references to his books, the ideas in which are so gloriously perfect that he cannot possibly restate or summarize them in any other form.

  8. Rey Fox says

    Also: respond to any argument, any at all, by claiming that it’s not what the thread is about.

  9. says

    The purpose of Lorem Ipsum is to allow focus on the design and function, not to have any content of its own. As such it bores the shit out of me. I like this much better.

  10. Epinephrine says

    There is also the hipster generator:

    It’s pretty funny.

    That reminds me of the text at the bottom of spam emails to get by filters. Something tells me that there is some market overlap for “stuff that sorta looks like text.”

  11. MoonShark says

    It really only defeats the purpose of Lorem Ipsum if you have a bad/lazy editor… right?

    And yes, I realize plenty of webdevs *are* the editors, sadly…

  12. captainoblivious says


    I plugged a bunch of samuel impsum into one of my web apps and had a very amusing layout & test session. While goofing around with it, it occurred to me that it may not be a good idea to use this at work. We’ve all left random chunks of lorem ipsum in our apps, right? I personally have had ipsum pop up in the middle of presentations to VPs, which is always fun.

    Anyhow. Be careful out there. You know how people get.

  13. Moggie says

    The only thing I want to hear from any web developer is “help, I’m dying in a fire!”

    (Sorry, been a very rough week, and certain web developers are definitely not helping).

  14. LewisX says

    Fantastic stuff. I won’t be using it though, much as I would love to. Good old Lorem Ipsum, for all the ennui it brings, is work safe.

    I thought I would try an alternative once: Cicero’s Catiline Orations in the original Latin. Simple cut ‘n’ paste from the intertoobz. Of course I had to go and notify the client of changes to the holding website first, then re-check a couple of hours later (still awaiting feedback) whereupon the word “vagina” decided to disengage from the surrounding text and bounce off the inside of my screen.

    (I briefly imagined my client suddenly gratified to learn that “vagina” is Latin for scabbard, then did a hasty edit.)

  15. Ubi Dubium says

    I read PZ’s comment about Lorem Ipsum being just a lot of meaningless nonsense text, and then immediately below was an ad for “Fox News Google Debate”. How appropriate!

  16. says

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