1. 'Tis Himself, OM says

    Happy natal day to you!
    Happy natal day to you!
    Happy day of birth, dear James Randi!
    Happy natal day to you!

    <Um, the third line doesn’t scan as well as it might.>

  2. MadScientist says

    Dang, comments are closed on the JREF website. Oh well, if the Amazing one reads Pharyngula: Happy Birthday Randi!

  3. nemo the derv says

    Your T-shirt looks like Darwin to me.
    C’mon, Randi’s not that old(is he?).

    Happy 2,619,280,800th second Randi

  4. Jim Norman says


    Since we’re being gloriously pedantic, over the long haul we measure trips through the four seasons, not solar orbits.

  5. procrastinator will get an avatar real soon now says

    Happy Birthday o Amazing one. Thanks for all you do.

  6. Brett says

    It’s very cool that Randi is still going strong at age 83.

    I want to look like Charles Darwin when I’m at that age, too.

  7. says

    Hell, looking like Darwin (or Randi for that matter) would be a major improvement for me now, and I’m almost 30 years younger than Randi-san.

  8. rad_pumpkin says

    Oi! That’s “integer” number, PZ. My inner math major is enraged by your innocent little typo.

  9. J Bowen says

    James Randi is one of my greatest heroes. If it were not for him, I’m pretty sure I would be living in a much darker place today.


    (Oh, was I shouting? Sorry.)

  10. Bill says

    I had that t-shirt! Bought at the Charles Darwin Research Centre on my (and his) birthday this year; stolen in Costa Rica (along with most of my luggage) before the end of February. Very sad. Planning another trip to replace it.

    Happy birthday, Mr Randi. You are amazing.

  11. Ethan says

    yey for anon commenting – i never felt like registering for the old pharyngula. anyhoo, i’m agreeing with the people who complain that it should be integer. if you integrate the number of orbits per year (i.e. one), i think you should get half of the square of his age.