The full Muslim monty

Can you bear more blithering Muslims? I showed you that partial clip from my encounter the other day, but you missed the first chunk. I had gone outside to get some fresh air and take a look around Dublin, when I got ambushed by a trio of Muslims with a camera, and the crowd just gradually developed and surrounded me, with some of them taking pictures (hi, Rebecca!). This is the recording from the Muslims themselves.

Some of my favorite weird pseudo-philosophical babble were his claims that he had evidence, but that it was conceptual evidence”, and imbedded in one long spewage was this claim, that “occam’s razor must be uncaused, therefore it must be eternal”. I was frequently bemused as he started regurgitating long strings of rapid-fire memorized arguments.

Another interesting moment is when they deny that the Quran contains the story of the great flood, when AronRa brings it up. Either they were lying or they don’t know their own holy book: see Sura 11.

Near the end of the clip, they have a fellow named Rashid asking a question of Maryam Namazie after her “hate-filled” talk. Strangely, they don’t show any bit of her talk, and they don’t bother to record her answer…probably because she slapped him down hard. You catch a bit of the audience laughing, too, because his arguments were so ridiculous.

Then at the very end, they had briefly snagged Richard Dawkins, who patiently explained his position, but was clearly a bit exasperated with that babbling ninny. He takes the opportunity of an interruption by a certain someone* to walk away and do something more interesting.

*It’s Rorschach!