New documentary about the LaClair case

A couple of years ago, a student, Matthew LaClair, exposed his teacher, David Paszkiewicz, as an evangelical creationist who was using a public school classroom as a pulpit. He did this by the simple expedient of bringing a hidden voice recorder into the room and catching Paszkiewicz preaching instead of teaching (the recording is on the web).

Now a documentary has been made about LaClair and Paszkiewicz.

The movie is going to be shown on Sunday, June 12 at 2 p.m. at the New York Ethical Culture Society at 2 West 64th Street in New York — I wish I could go. There’s also going to be a Q&A with both LaClair and Paszkiewicz in attendance. I’ve met Matt LaClair, who seems like a sensible, rational person; what I’ve seen of Paszkiewicz is that he’s a close-minded, rather dim Dominionist bigot. There could be an interesting clash.

Someone smuggle a recorder into the event!