March Molly Madness

Howdy all! This is MG Myers.

The competition for the March Mollies was mighty fierce with 23 great nominees. The votes have been tabulated and the winners are <drum roll>


onion girl and CJO!

These two well-deserving commenters are hereby inducted in the distinguished Order of the Molly. Woohoo! Weehee! Congratulations to both!

Now we just need to catch up on the April awards. Who of your fellow commenters do you think is deserving of a Molly award for April and why?

Also, in the last Molly thread Mattir had a terrific idea of starting a monthly book club.

It would be good to have a monthly book club wherein commenters could discuss contentious issues like that raised by the Anatomy of an Epidemic/Emperor’s New Drugs books over the weekend. Hard to have a productive discussion between people armed with anecdata and googlescholar in one corner and the other side armed with the knowledge gained from the book under discussion.

What do you folks think about a Pharyngula book club? How about some suggestions for a worthwhile book to start us all off?