Christian evangelists scrambling madly backwards in Victoria

I hope Australians are getting good and mad. They’ve been exploited into supporting this dishonest chaplaincy program in their public schools, and recently Evonne Paddison, one of the cult members pushing for more chaplains, was caught openly, even proudly, admitting that it was a program intended for Christian evangelism. Now the local priesthood is desperately trying to cover their tracks, including Paddison herself, who has lately been waving her hands frantically and claiming she isn’t advocating christian proselytization in the public schools.

Unfortunately for her, she’s on tape. This nice video interleaves her recent disavowals with her own words in the damning speech, and it’s shockingly (but entirely unsurprisingly) true that yes, these people want to use the chaplaincy programs as opportunities to convert children to their version of Christianity, and yes, she is now lying. Not that anyone with any sense would have ever imagined otherwise.

I hope this soon scuttles the whole program and the waste of money thrown down the rathole of using public schools to sponsor sectarian religion. The wonderful thing about it, though, is that it wasn’t atheists who demolished it — it was Christians opening their mouths and being unable to hide their ulterior motives.