Molly…under new management

Hi, this is MG Myers. A few readers mentioned that Pharyngula is three months behind in awarding Mollies. Shame on PZ. Since PZ doesn’t have the job done, I thought maybe we should fire him help him out. Anyway, I’ll be taking over the Molly administration. If you have any community building ideas we could do to make Pharyngula an even stronger and better community, feel free to put your ideas in the comments.

For starters, let’s catch up on inducting some well-deserving commenters in the distinguished Order of the Molly. The votes for February have been tabulated and the winners are <drum roll>


SallyStrange and llewelly!

Congratulations to both!

For your next assignment, you know the drill. We need to collect some nominee names for the distant month of March. Just leave your votes and nomination reasons in the comments.