A little warning for the true believers

Uh-oh. I was just reading this very silly fundy Christian piece, in which the pious author is bemoaning all those terrible, awful, un-Christian things on the television and radio, and saw this explanation.

While listening to a preaching by Pastor David Wilkerson, he said something that stuck with me “What are you going to do if you are watching profanity and Christ returns at that moment? We think, but I will have time to repent. I’m sorry, but I don’t think it will work out that way.”

And then I realized…what if some nice goody-goody Christian were reading Pharyngula when Jesus showed up. Do you realize how much trouble you’d be in? We already know I’d be going to hell, but you…you would have blown it entirely by getting caught watching porn or reading Pharyngula or perusing old Deadwood scripts, and there you go, damned by a moment’s weakness.

So please, just in case, go away. I don’t believe in hell, but if there is one, I really don’t want you prissy-pants prudes showing up and being a downer at the wild party we’ll be having down there.