Fat Christians are a lie!

How can our news media get the story so completely backwards? MSNBC is reporting a correlation between religiosity and obesity, which simply can’t be true. Aside from the difficulties of going from a correlation between two complex phenemona to an assumption of causality, we have it from an unimpeachable, objective source that the opposite is true.

That paragon of scienciness, Conservapædia, has been arguing that atheism leads to obesity, and for proof, they have photos of grossly pig-like PZ Myers contrasted with slim, muscular Christian Chuck Norris. This is, of course, also evidence for their claim that “excess weight impairs brain function.”

PS. As many of you already know, the word “conservapedia” is a filtered term here, because way, way back, the Schlafly consortium had their crack team of home-schooled kiddies spamming us with spammy links to get their page ranking up. I strongly recommend that any mention of them be spelled “conservapædia”, because they also really, really hate those effete European spellings.


  1. Ing: OM: Spreader of Slanderous Lies Against Little Boys says

    It should be noted that while obescity does/can lead to health complications, low fat does not necessarily correlate to fitness.

    Sammo Hung is an interseting case of a fat acrobat

    His weight gain was at around age 16, which did not apparently destroy his action/martial arts career.

    From TV tropes so not necessarily correct…
    it is rumored that Jackie Chan actually considers Sammo to be a better fighter than himself.

    What’s even more impressive is that this former Peking Opera player turned actor is now nearing the age of SIXTY, doesn’t seem to get any thinner, but could still go toe-to-toe with the likes of much younger action stars such as Donnie

    It is a movie but note that it is the fat guy actually doing the fight not a stunt double.

    There’s also notable non-slender martial artists Fedor Emelianenko Roy Nelson , etc.

    Also for anyone who still glorifies that damn phony and horrible person Chuck Norris, I suggest you watch one of my favorite bad movies, Silent Rage, upon which you will see that the true hero and Chuck’s superior is Stephen Furst. Thank you very much!