Evolution: The Story of Life on Earth

Have you got kids? Are you tangentially related to any young people? Are you young yourself? Do you know anyone who just likes a good story and interesting science?

Well, then, I’m sorry, but reading this article will cost you $12.89. Jay Hosler has a new book out (illustrated by Kevin Cannon and Zander Cannon), Evolution: The Story of Life on Earth(amzn/b&n/abe/pwll), and I’m afraid it’s going to be required reading for everyone, and you’re also all probably going to end up buying multiple copies for gifts.

Really, it’s that good. It’s a comic book about aliens from Glargalia explaining the history of life on earth to young Prince Floorsh by going over the fundamental concepts and hitting a few of the details. It’s entertaining and fun, and sneakily informative.

If you don’t simply trust me, check out the extensive excerpts at the NCSE and at Scientific American.

Hey, and if you don’t like comic books, don’t know any young people, and don’t want to read it yourself, buy a copy anyway and give it to your local library. For America.