Why I hate Robin Ince

You might want to look at Ince’s web page: he’s touring in March and April, and in May he’s gathered together Brian Cox, Ben Goldacre, and Simon Singh for a “science tour celebrating the universe and many of the wonders that lie within it”. That all looks wonderful, you think, and so do I. I would like to see that.

But then, look at the venues.

To my horror, surprise, and dismay, “Morris, Minnesota” is not among them. They’re all strange little places like Glasgow and Oxford and Cambridge and of all places, London. Those places don’t need these kinds of tours. The rural midwest does. I want to see Robin Ince tour Alabama and Mississippi and Kansas and Texas. But no, he turns up his snooty European nose at us.

I’m also a bit peeved that he didn’t plan this schedule without checking my calendar. I’ll be in the UK the first week of June, and his shows are all done by then. Hmmph.