Uh-oh. I fit the profile.

The fellow who leaked all those classified documents to Wikileaks, Bradley Manning, is getting badmouthed by the residents of his hometown, who are now recollecting all the signals of his future perfidy. Apparently, he was godless, refused to recite the pledge of allegiance, and used big words.

Uh-oh. That sounds like my youth, too. I guess I’m going to be under suspicion now.

Oh, wait — he was also gay. I’m safe!

By the way, they’re threatening him with 50 years in prison. I think they should give him a medal, but I know they won’t.


  1. stvs says

    they’re threatening him with 50 years in prison. I think they should give him a medal

    Puke. Manning is gullible fantasist who actually believed he was unveiling the next “Climategate”—his words to Adrian Lamo, the hacker that turned him in for his unconscionably stupid and confused actions. That Manning’s own personal identity was also confused comes as no surprise.

    There are no heroes in this story.

    The incompetent government charged with safeguarding sensitive information is only now closing the barn door: “After WikiLeaks, Pentagon Bans Removable Devices“.

    And Julian Assange, who shows only defiance and not a hint of remorse about risking other people’s lives and appears to fit the ASPD/NPD profiles to a tee, hasn’t even given the money that he raised for Manning’s legal defense to Manning:

    In July 2010, Wikileaks pledged to contribute a ‘substantial amount’ towards Bradley’s legal defense costs. Since Bradley’s selection of David Coombs as his civilian defense attorney in August 2010, the Bradley Manning Support Network has unsuccessfully attempted to facilitate the pledged Wikileaks contribution. … Cryptome site operator John Young described Wikileaks as a commercial operation from the outset. … this was an organisation out to make money. … Money comes into Wikileaks – but it doesn’t come out. Readers outraged by the “persecution” of the narcissistic Assange may wish to consider where their sympathies really should lie.