What did you do for Blasphemy Day?

Today is the official Blasphemy Day, and I hope you all had a good time. I’m afraid I didn’t do anything in particular, because every day is Blasphemy Day for me, and I’m a walking talking affront to god.

CFI had a video contest and announced the winners today. Here’s the top choice in their Protect Dissent campaign:

That’s very nice, and an excellent message. I’m afraid, though, that it has been upstaged by a real champion: Carlos Celdran. Celdran went all out and disrupted a Catholic mass, holding up a sign that said “DAMASO” (a reference to a cruel priest in a novel well-known in the Philippines), and told the church to stop getting nvolved in politics — the Catholics, as you might expect, have been fighting a basic reproductive health bill in the country. The Philippines have strict anti-blasphemy laws that make “offending religious feelings” a crime, and the church has an unfortunate amount of influence on the nation.

That’s blasphemy — not just a random act of desecration, but an intentional act directed at discomfiting the faithful.