I thought we were winning

I keep hearing from official sources that we’re getting Afghanistan under control, but I don’t believe it. If we are, how is this happening?

The Taliban in Afghanistan has publicly stoned to death a man and a woman over an alleged love affair, government officials said.

I guess a mass of soldiers sitting in your country really doesn’t do much to change your quaint ancestral folkways.


  1. ksmatharu says

    I made a couple of comments on this killing and other atrocities at:


    …with an observation that the situation in Afghanistan appears to be worsening.

    One thing that I can’t find is a free resource on the Internet that explains the history of Afghanistan in a clear, short but sufficiently detailed manner as that of the Lonely Planet guide book on Afghanistan. I therefore recommend that you read this Lonely Planet book. Extracts can be found at:


    However, the following website is quite useful: