My week in the Pacific Northwest

Today it’s family day with a mob of Myerses hanging about and bickering opinonatedly at a picnic. You aren’t invited unless you can show evidence of a recent family relationship; showing evidence that all primates are related is nice, but won’t get you in the door.

Tuesday at 6ish I’ll be at the Pike Brewing Company waiting upon Ophelia Benson. Come on out! Buy us beer! I’m also thinking I might head up there a little early to visit the Seattle Aquarium, since it’s right there in the neighborhood.

Friday at noon I’ll be at Room B101, University of the Fraser Valley, Abbotsford BC. This is a free talk, although the group there would gladly accept donations. I don’t seem to have a topic for this talk, though…but I do hear that Abbotsford is B.C.’s epicenter of fundamentalism, so I’ll probably say inflammatory things about creationism. Whee!

Friday at 7pm I’ll be at UBC Westbrook Room 100, 6174 University Boulevard, Vancouver BC to talk about the role of atheism in science. Hmmm. Both of these are inflammatory topics…will British Columbia erupt in riots? Show up and see. Oh, and this talk is not free: $10. There’s also a fancy pants reception afterwards that will cost $50.

Saturday at 5:00pm on I’ll be attending…my 35th high school reunion with a gang of strange people I haven’t seen in decades. You aren’t invited unless you were also a graduate of Kent-Meridian High School, Class of 1975.

All times not specified will be spent hunkered over a keyboard. Go away, don’t bother me.