Support the drag queens in a poll!

The Tri-City Herald ran a photo showing a drag queen at an event, the Columbia Basin College’s Queers & Allies drag show. Here it is, entirely safe for work and not at all risque.


It prompted one reader to write in protest.

Am I the only reader of this newspaper who would like to know what the Herald’s news criteria was for publishing the four-column by seven-inch picture of a drag queen show on the front page May 26? Many would say the photo lacked good taste, but more importantly, failed by most journalistic standards to be “newsworthy” or “all the news which is fit to print.”

Does the editor who made the call have a tabloid mentality or does this person believe there was some social redeeming value to the photo and caption? Was there any “reader take away” from its publication? Admittedly, it may be difficult for your editor to choose a “newsy” story the morning after the cable news networks have already run all the important stories, but come on.

Respectfully, the Tri-City Herald might consider polling its readers to determine if it is as disconnected from its constituency as we find most of our politicians and government officials are these days.

The comic nature of the picture would hardly be appropriate on the cartoon page with Peanuts, B.C. or Garfield since it would insult the talented artists who produce those comics.

It has to be a poe — who could possibly say “talented artists” of B.C. or Garfield? But anyway, the paper ran with the suggestion to poll its readers, and I’m happy to oblige N. Gillette of West Richland by responding.

Should the Herald print photos of drag shows?


Storm the poll! I’ve been to Kennewick, Pasco, and Richland, and I know they desperately need pages and pages of flamboyant drag queens in their paper. Do it for the people.