A retraction from the American Academy of Pediatrics

This is good news! After the outrage over a prior policy statement, the AAP has revised and clarified their position on female genital mutilation:

The American Academy of Pediatrics has rescinded a controversial policy statement raising the idea that doctors in some communities should be able to substitute demands for female genital cutting with a harmless clitoral “pricking” procedure.

“We retracted the policy because it is important that the world health community understands the AAP is totally opposed to all forms of female genital cutting, both here in the U.S. and anywhere else in the world,” said AAP President Judith S. Palfrey.

The contentious policy statement, issued in April, had condemned the practice of female genital cutting overall. But a small portion of statement suggesting the pricking procedure riled U.S. advocacy groups and survivors of female genital cutting.

Smart move.

There was a rumor going about that the Royal Australian New Zealand College of Obstetricians was going to consider the practicality of supporting that clitoral “pricking” business — fortunately, it is not true and the RANZCOG is just as forthright in rejecting the procedure.