Episode LX: Revenge of the bunny

We have a wicked, psychotic cat who went insane during a time when we were fostering other cats for the humane society — some cats just don’t tolerate novelty and company — and ever since he’s been plotting to kill me. The only reason we’re keeping him around is that I’m pretty sure he’s the feline anti-christ, and confining him to our house in Morris means he won’t be conquering the world any time soon.

He attempted a prison break today, though, and ran loose in the yard for a while. And what happened? He found a baby bunny, killed it, and brought it back into the house. Then he gave me that “you’re next” stare.

So I’m showing him this video now. I’ve told him that it’s the mommy bunny, and she’s joined the house guard, so he’d better not leave now.

Talk about anything but satanic cats.

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