1. Falconer says

    The best thing — the absolute best thing — about watching the butchered, Americanized version of the Life series on Discovery is listening to Oprah talk about cuttlefish sex and cuckoldry.

    That is, I pay attention when I can stand her reading-to-little-children delivery.

    David Attenborough, dammit!

  2. Aquaria says

    Finally–I thought I would have to ring up some calamari from the seafood restaurant if I didn’t get my Cephalopod fix soon.

  3. Janet Holmes says

    I am just home from snorkeling in Fiji. The reefs are completely destroyed. Well almost, there is the occasional live coral but it was really quite depressing. And other people saw a cuttlefish but I missed it, sigh.

    On another topic, when I hear scientists talk about the health benefits of genetic engineering I always think, bugger that, I want skin like a cuttlefish! Just imagine it, how could anything be cooler than being able to make your skin flash all those fabulous colours? And when I’ve got that I want to be able to see in ultraviolet as birds do.

    How hard can it be?