1. says

    Wow! There’s a tree named after the GOP? Who knew?

  2. toth says

    Finally, the answer to the question “If Sarah Palin were a tree, what tree would she be?”

  3. JackC says

    This kind of puts me in mind of a time when Baxter Black went all Politically Correct and renamed himself Frontster Caucasion.

    Or maybe it is different.


  4. says

    Click on the link above, and you also get a warning, “Major server issue – many images unavailable. We have recently identified an issue preventing a fair number of images to be displayed. If are unable to see the image below, please accept our appologies. We hope to return to normal service in a few days.”

    I think we have a new definition for “Pharyngulation.”


  5. Incorygible says

    Okay, but if Monday’s Metazoan is a bird called the “Frocked Buggerer” or a cat called the “Disgraced Brown Tiger”, I’m going to believe there’s something to this “nomenclature recapitulates current events” hypothesis…

  6. Kevin says

    Okay, I totally have to go do WikiGraffiti on the Wiki for the tree.

    “See Also:
    Republican Party
    Glenn Beck

  7. David Marjanović says

    Hey! Pterocarya! One of those trees that died out in Europe in one of the first ice ages, leaving Europe’s forests so impoverished!

    JonD, you’re thinking of Tilia (and still not getting it quite right even then). Look it up in Wikipedia.

  8. Deepsix says

    “The common name of this tree is the Caucasian Wingnut”

    In the words of the great and noble American, Cousin Eddie, “You serious, Clark?”

  9. davem says

    Driving back home tonight in the UK, the daffodils were everywhere. No wingnuts, though…

  10. EricK says

    fraxinifolia… I assume this to mean that when the tree buds it makes an ash out of itself.

  11. mothra says


    There is already a Red bishop, a Cardinal, a Prothonotary warbler, an apostle bird, a nun bird, a brown creeper and a royal flycatcher. What more do you want? :)

  12. mothra says

    I’ll bet blackbirds or (European) robins nesting in that tree raise only cuckoo chicks.

  13. JonD says

    It was a joke that misfired. It was meant to be a portmanteau of “Limbaugh” and “Baum”, but I forgot how to spell the windbag’s name.

  14. Acronym Jim says

    It still works without the portmanteau, JonD:

    When the Limbaugh breaks the teabags will fall..and down will come caucasian wingnut, squirrels and all.

  15. JonD says

    See, that would have been so much better. When I wrote it, I was actually in the middle of a break in my early molecular bio lecture with no caffeine in my system, so I was hardly in top form.

  16. mothra says

    Mock-a-bye Palin, sap at the top.
    Looking for Rush-a-top the tree GOP.
    When Limbaugh breaks,
    and wingnuts do fall..
    then down will come teabags, party and all.