The Graeme Bird Memorial Thread


It happens now and then that some gibbering loon makes a persistent appearance somewhere on the blog, and the ensuing wrangle goes on and on and on. We’ve had just such an occurrence on this thread, which is bloating up to almost 700 comments now. Graeme Bird is an Australian wanna-be politician of the crank variety, a global warming denialist,


anti-evolutionist and fan of ID,


truther, and like your typical obsessive kook, he just can’t let it go, even though he’s getting laughed at rather cruelly (and deservedly).

Anyway, the thread is getting too long and with no end in sight…so I’ve closed it.

It’s like taking a dead bird carcass away from a cat, though, so this new thread is for anyone who wants to continue mauling the crackpot, or for Bird himself, who will probably continue to caper for our amusement.

By the way, this is how Bird refers to his blog (decor courtesy of Kagato):

My Blog Is a Fucking Magnificent Blog

A Broadway Musical by Graeme Bird

“Choc-full of ideas and speculations!”
– Graeme Bird, Author

He’s not just crazy, he’s flamboyantly crazy.


  1. SteveM says

    re 498:
    “If your link your link claims something other than these two choices, its just more irrationality. ”

    Try reading the link, dipshit.

  2. Graeme Bird says

    Look at the unreason here:

    “So explain how France, which spends about 9% of its GDP on healthcare via an almost entirely publicly funded universal system, manages to be ranked #1 by the WHO for the quality its healthcare?”

    I never mentioned France once you fucking moron. I was talking about legislation that you dumb bastards have adopted. Not once did I mention France.

    Fuck you are a moron. You guys have got taken in by these hard leftists on the basis of a couple of slogans alone. PZ MYERS is the stupidest person on the internet and look at the dead-heads he attracts.

  3. a_ray_in_dilbert_space says

    Bird: “Plus there is no evidence anywhere that light-speed cannot be exceeded.”

    You mean other than the fact that if it did, it would have an imaginary mass. And tons of experimental data showing Einstein was right. And the fact that GPS satellites work. And the fact that redshifts are proportional to distance. And the fact that they have to make relativistic corrections to get the right energies of atomic transition lines…

    Want more, Bird? Cause there’s plenty. Indeed, there’s as much evidence favoring relativity as there is showing we’re warming the planet.

    Just curious, Bird, how do YOU explain the fact that the stratosphere is cooling while the troposphere is warming. Neat trick doing that without a greenhouse effect.

  4. Nerd of Redhead, OM says

    Either all particles are connected, or alternatively if gravity is caused by particle movement, then those particles must move far faster than the speed of light.

    Yawn, idjit science from a scientific illiterate. What a loser. He just like to upset folks, and has no real intellect. Otherwise, the peer reviewed scientific literature, and the true use of the scientific method, would be his friends. They aren’t….

  5. co says

    English, #499.

    Actually, gravity is both the warping of space, and the propagation of energy (for example, pulsars and black holes can “spin down” for precisely the reason that gravitational waves carry energy and angular momentum away from them).

    The existence of gravitons (the putative particle “carrier” of gravity) is still up in the air (har har); however, if they do exist, the fact that they must themselves have zero rest mass means that they have to travel at precisely c: no more, no less.

  6. Brian English says

    Thanks co. Still doesn’t the warping of space solve Graeme’s query about how the sun and earth instantaneously affect gravitationally?