Want a home lobotomy? There’s an app for that.

Would you believe that Answers in Genesis has an iPhone app? Yes, they do, and as you might expect, it’s really, really bad. Not bad as in poorly programmed, that looks fine; bad as in now you can get the dishonest trash Ken Ham peddles streamed straight to your phone.

The only reason to download it is so you can give it a bad review. And you have to wonder about Apple’s quality control on iPhone apps—they classified it as educational? Seriously?


  1. Cory Meyer says

    There’s a flaw with the iPhone rating system: you must give at least one star. That implies 20% worth. I felt so dirty.

  2. arensb says

    At first I thought they might have something similar to the AMNH’s dinosaur collection app, but with Creation Museum exhibits. But the AMNH app encourages free exploration, which is antithetical to the Creation Museum’s “You will go through this exhibit in the order we prescribe” approach.

  3. NewEnglandBob says

    You are looking to Apple to actually do quality control on the tens of thousands of apps? I don’t think they have any chance of accomplishing that.

  4. johnnykaje says

    We ought to list some of our fav science apps. Here’s some I found:

    Iapetus- paleogeography! Sweeeet!

    Already mentioned, but AMNH’s dinosaur app is fun.

    Geotimescale- just what it says on the tin.

    Pollution- supposed to list known pollutant heavy sites in your area. Haven’t messed with it yet.

    Finally, NASA has a nice Space Images app.

    I think most of these are free.

    I wish there was more evolution oriented apps. Most of the ones regarding evolution and atheism are just quote apps. Snoresville. There’s an awesome looking app called iDarwin, but it’s not in English. :(

  5. steve says

    How the frak did AiG develop an iPhone app when they reject pretty much everything else to do with science? I thought those folk found abacuses and slide rules to be cutting-edge tech.

  6. Steven Dunlap says

    Well, in a free society they should have an iPhone app and it should be readily available. In a society with a better functioning primary and secondary educational system such an app would be a digital laughing stock. If someone wants to embarrass themselves with an iPhone app, fine by me.

  7. Glen Davidson says

    they classified it as educational? Seriously?

    It’s the missing words that make such classifications misleading. Of course it’s educational, only you have to add ‘only in an ironic sense.’

    Just mention that you can learn about charlatans and their tactics, and it fits. Otherwise, no.

    Glen D

  8. blondie7575 says

    Just to clarify a couple of details:

    1) Apple does perform quality control on every App uploaded, but only to check for stability, user interface compliance, and a few policy things like pornography and hate speech.

    2) Apple does not categorize apps. The developer chooses two categories when they upload it.

    As for the issue itself, I have to go with Steven Dunlap on this one. I’m certainly glad they have the right to upload such an App. It’s up to us to educate the people so that these things are laughed off the virtual stage.

  9. Sara says

    Did anyone see the article that Phil Plait linked in his blog? http://www.nytimes.com/2010/02/09/science/09tier.html
    There was a study about what kinds of articles people email to their friends – headline news, funny, whatever. Science articles were close the top.
    Here’s the key – because they have an AWE fact. People like things that are bigger than they are, that are wonderful because of the Wow…

    We need to combat these ridiculous Creationist Apps with Apps that take advantage of spreading the Awe of Science. Because Science is basically a big fountain of Awe. And the more we spread the coolness of it that way, the more the Creationist are going to look like the idiots they are.

    Geeks of the World – Get to work! Being Technologically Impaired – I am unable to provide any actual, you know, help.

  10. Chronosynclastic Infundibulum says

    Aww, they made the app 1.1 Mb to match the 1:1 logo. It’s so cute I can’t even be mad anym-wait, what the deuce? It’s a trap!

  11. wrmurray says

    Of course you can go phyrangulate his podcast without having to download anything. It’s fun.

  12. Ouchimoo says

    Gah! So I am new to this whole ‘There’s an app for that’ meme. It seems quite literally that there is a app for everything. But I must ask, why is this one for free and the science news one cost me 1.99? You mean I have to pay for integrity!?

  13. Peter B. says

    The only answers to be found in Genesis are for ignorant, foolish members of superstitious cults who can’t differentiate between mythology and reality … just like Ken Ham. Can’t imagine who of any significance would want it.

  14. psjenkins says

    I think there’s also an app for Mark Isaak’s Counter-Creationism Handbook, aka the TalkOrigins Archive.

  15. ithonicfury says

    I haven’t been able to find the index to creationist claims app, just references to it (and references to it being $1.99) searching creationist or talk origins in the app store gives me nothing.
    Was kinda hoping for an anti-stupidity app so I wouldn’t have to put it into evernote or voodoopad myself.

  16. maxamillion says

    Well look on the bright side. How many of these idiots actually use Apple products

    Apple make ease of use a priority for a reason!

  17. Gordy says

    According to the iTunes store (in Japan): “There are no reviews for this application.” I know this isn’t true, but maybe it just means no reviews from Japan. Are the reviews showing up in the US and other stores?

  18. abb3w says

    Does TalkOrigins have an app yet?
    Can you have two apps talk to each other?
    Can we get a modern take on the ELIZA-PARRY discussion?

  19. jdmuys says

    It’s available on the French App store, but no one has commented on it yet. So I downloaded it to comment. Here is what I wrote, with the poorest rating:

    “Cette application est le fruit d’une véritable fraude: le site answer in genesis ne propage que les mensonges honteux des créationistes, qio n’ont pas peur d’un côté de cracher sur la science et la méthode scientifique, et de l’autre d’utiliser ses fruits dans la technologie d’Apple.

    Appel à Apple: cette application n’a pas sa place en catégorie enseignement. En étant gentil pour eux, classez la au même endroit que les licornes, les gremlins et l’astrologie.”

    “This app is the product of a real fraud: the site answer in genesis only propagates shameful creationist lies. On the one hand they spit on science and the scientific method, on the other hand they use its fruits in Apple’s technology.

    Call to Apple: this app doesn’t belong to the education category. Let’s be nice to them: please put it in the same category as unicorns, gremlins, and astrology.”

  20. JBabs073 says

    “Awful little collection of lies from AiG

    by PZ Myers

    It’s a disgrace that this garbage is being peddled as “educational”. It’s basically a dump of bad content from a looney creationist site. Don’t waste your time with it.”

    Nice review, PZ. :)

  21. Rev. BigDumbChimp says

    Does TalkOrigins have an app yet?
    Can you have two apps talk to each other?
    Can we get a modern take on the ELIZA-PARRY discussion?

    Pretty much