1. gettingfree says

    For those on Facebook:

    There is this lame group trying to get together 1 million IDiots who DON’T believe in evolution…

    In response, there is this group trying to get together 1 million who do accept evolution…

  2. Maslab says

    I will take him home and I will feed him and water him and cuddle him and play with him and take him for swims and call him George.

  3. lenoxuss says

    It amazes me how we mammals easily find such distantly related creatures to be so damn cuuute!

  4. Holytape says

    awww,… This is the way all monsters start. Cute and cuddly one minute and then before you know it, they are ripping off your head and sucking your brains out.

  5. PrairieDawn says

    My cephalopod obsessed daughter says “Awwwwwww”

    Friday Cephalopod is about her favorite thing on ScienceBlogs…

    (She’s four, so the articles haven’t yet caught her attention.)

  6. Hekuni Cat says

    Very cute. I’d bring one home and call it Clark, but would my mother like it?

    @ PrairieDawn #14:
    I’m glad to hear your daughter’s starting young!

  7. Paul Burnett says

    What’s the scale of the picture? How long is the little guy? Any guesses? I’m guessing it’s a microphotograph, and the critter’s a half-inch to an inch long…?

  8. PrairieDawn says

    Hekuni Cat

    I had to endure tears a couple of weeks ago when all the poor dead octopods washed up on the beach.

  9. phoenixwoman says

    So sad to hear that the poor things don’t live very long — and that sex is deadly to them.

  10. randydudek says

    @18, the bright splotch near the top left corner is the Milky Way. How cute is it NOW? :o)

  11. Mike Wagner says

    I’d like to have a pet cephalopod, but I’d feel awfully guilty if the little sucker escaped.

    #7 gettingfree
    You can also join the group I just created to get together 1 million people who don’t believe in gravity. With the power of our disbelief we will break the shackles of the earth and soar among the clouds, and then probably drift off into space. Yes, facts be damned! Down with gravity!
    This group does not accept Farmville addicts. We have to have SOME standards.

  12. Thunderbird 5 says

    @Glen #9

    Puts me in mind of David Bowie giving Candy Clark an alien-sex-ed session (involving some seriously slimey sheets) in “The Man Who Fell To Earth.”

    Although Bugeyes Bubblehead here looks a bit like Caspar-the-Ghost to me…

  13. Thunderbird 5 says

    “There is this lame group trying to get together 1 million IDiots who DON’T believe in evolution…

    The ID Army cranks up another one and herewegoagain.

    This is what your stereotypical Jesuswheezing denizen of Facebook thinks is contemporary culture-jamming. Such pathetic desperation generally says more about the host than the subject: I envisage some sorryarse Liberty/ORU student fapping off to this their idea of Rebelling For Jebus and the credits they’ll gain from their creotard of a tutor. And I can see it culminating in some sort of Powerbook presentation, ending with the host exhorting the class to join him in bouncing along to the finale: those sideways-hug rappers whose inspirational sex-lumps-under-clothing horripilations have gone viral (not that their frigid fans understand why but there you go).

    Anyway, I thought this class of creotard populist stunt had been well and truly pwned by Project Steve.

  14. Thunderbird 5 says

    “In response, there is this group trying to get together 1 million who do accept evolution…

    No no no, this is not the way to do it. Just send them a message wishing them good luck in their laudable and constructive endeavour and to request that, as we shan’t be counting, they let us know when they’ve worked out how to clear their cookies and so reach their mil.

    And ask them to explain precisely what they’re trying to achieve.