Happy Anniversary, Origin…some bad news

The media can’t let today pass by without doing something stupid, so here are a few unfortunate faux pas from our news outlets.

Newsweek has published a dozen reasons to celebrate Darwin. The first? Darwin wasn’t an atheist! Huzzah! He also wasn’t a Jew, let’s celebrate that!

The second isn’t much better. Darwin mentioned “the Creator” once in the second and subsequent editions, therefore you can find God in the story of evolution! Snap your fingers in the face of an atheist for that, believers! You can read the rest, but they’re all rather pathetic.

CNN has also published a long piece of tripe from Stephen Meyer. Yeesh, it’s the same old nonsense: Darwin is controversial (nope, he’s only controversial among ignoramuses), the fossil record and the Cambrian explosion refute evolution (nope, they confirm a pattern of change over geological history), “many biologists now doubt…” (nope, few biologists do, and they all seem to be kooks), DNA is a digital code and a software program (nope, that’s a metaphor, and a pretty bad one, actually), there is evidence of design in cells (nope, if there were, I’d expect some IDiot to show it to me—they never do). It’s an awful, boring, tired old piece trumpeting the same assertions the Discovery Institute has been making for 15 years. When will the media learn that nothing those bozos say is ever news?