I rather like frogs and blowflies, anyway

The vice-chancellor of the Australian Catholic University has compared atheists to Biblical plagues, which is quite nice of him. He seems to have forgotten that, in his mythology, those are usually sent by his god to chastise people and get them to change — is he going to ignore this divine message that is winging his way in March? Probably.

Anyway, the funniest part his screed is the first line: Attacking Christians is not really clever, witty or funny. It’s funny because the rest of it is his clumsy attempt to attack atheists in a clever, witty, or funny way. It’s cute in a oh-look-at-the-tyke-playing-dressup fashion, but it really undermines his message that it’s bad to mock other ideas. Unless his message is really that it’s OK to mock, except you don’t get to mock the Catholic church.

Oh, wait…he does specifically tell the atheists to target smaller cults, so I guess that is his message!

He also whines a lot that the atheists are going after Catholicism, specifically. Sorry, not true: we despise all religions equally. It’s just that Catholicism is fairly prominent, and populated by oblivious wankers who like to go all indignant and loud at the mildest poke. And since we like to hear them squeak, poke we do.