Sean Hannity is a twit

As I mentioned before, the Coalition of Reason is putting some positive, pro-atheism ads in the NY subways. As expected, of course, some Christians are upset about this. Their reaction is no surprise. The inanity of their reaction is also no surprise. For a beautiful example of a truly stupid response, you can rely on Sean Hannity.

Can you imagine the outrage if a Christian group put pro-God ads in the New York City subways? What outrage.

I can imagine it, because as that link points out, there have been multitudes of pro-God ads there for years. I was also familiar with seeing them all over the place in the Philadelphia subways when I lived there, and I can describe perfectly the “outrage” they generated. Look in a mirror, roll your eyes, and sigh…that’s it.

That link also points out that Sean Hannity doesn’t know, because he never rides the NY subway system.

Here’s the Arizona COR video. Watch that and imagine Sean Hannity’s outrage.