What happened to my eyes?

That’s a disturbing logo for Skepticon II: my eyes are whited out. It reminds me of The Village of the Damned, that creepy movie about alien-human hybrid children. We will be taking over Missouri on 20-21 November, infecting the entire population with the curse of doubt. It will be fun!

They have a good lineup of speakers, but the one thing they lack is money. One of the problems with being godless is that we have failed to institutionalize a means of gouging money out of people…no tithing, no offering plates, no thugs in clerical collars telling you you’ll go to hell if you don’t include us in your wills. That means they’re reduced to paypal and puppy-dog-eyed, quivering-lipped begging for a pittance. If you can, donate a little to the organizers. It’s a good cause, they’re shipping in snarling godless skeptics to one of the most pious corners of the country, you know.