Now I’m a “firebrand”!

Cool, I’ll accept the title. One of the reporters who joined us in Kentucky has a nice article on the Creation “Museum” trip in the Star Tribune. One thing I appreciate about it is that he actually quotes us on the scientific flaws in the exhibits.

There is a very silly quote from Ken Ham, of course.

“Our own, full-time Ph.D. scientists and many other scientists who work in the secular world provided the research for the museum scripts,” replied Ham. “This man is obviously very angry at God and relishes in mocking Christianity — spending a lot of his time fighting against someone he doesn’t believe exists!”

No, repeating a lie does not make it true. There is no research backing up the “museum” — there is ideology and religion and a crack team of highly educated crackpots.

And he repeats his desperate ad hominem — yes, I’m an atheist, and yes, I dislike religion. So? That has nothing to do with the validity of those ghastly ignorant exhibits.