How ignorant can a creationist be?

This is so stupid it hurts. Check out the Missing Universe Creation Museum: it’s got all the usual creationist jabber. No transitional fossils, all mutations are harmful, and my favorite, prominently quoted, “If you don’t believe God created all living things, male and female, in 6 days…How many millions of years was it between the first male and the first female?” How about no time at all, they coevolved? And you must take their evolution test — it will definitely make you laugh.

After you’ve browsed the site for a bit, they also have a poll. They want to know how effective they are at convincing you. Maybe you should tell them.

We would like to know if this web site is helping to change minds.
Please let us know your beliefs before and after visiting the Missing Universe Museum.

Evolution, and now only Evolution

Evolution, and now only Creation

Evolution, and now Both

Creation, and now only Creation

Creation, and now only Evolution

Creation, and now Both

Both, and now only Creation

Both, and now only Evolution

Both, and now Both