Warming up for the big meeting

It’s another exciting day of exciting lectures, I hope. I know that this morning was the most anticipated one on my dance card; here’s what we’re looking forward to.

Osamu Shimomura: Chemistry of Bioluminescence

Martin Chalfie: GFP and After

Roger Y. Tsien: Building and Breeding Molecules to Spy on Cells, Tumors, and Organisms

Richard Royce Schrock: Recent Advances in Olefin Metathesis Catalyzed by Molybdenum and Tungsten Alkylidene Complexes

Werner Arber: Molecular Darwinism

OK, I confess, Schrock’s lecture won’t be my cup of tea, and I have no idea what his title says, but the rest sound fun, and the last one sounds controversial. I’ll be back in a few hours with some short summaries.