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    Yeah, I heard it. It was good. I had not known that Darwin at one time was studying to become an epispickle minister, apparently in the hope of a cushy job. Since he had inherited wealth, he bagged it and became Charles Darwin instead.

  2. Paguroidea says

    I just finished listening. Keith Thomson, author of The Young Charles Darwin, does an excellent explaining Darwin’s early life. Check it out!

  3. Darby says

    He struck me as a bit too much of a fan, but it was interesting.

    He seemed to use “self-absorbed” as a synonym for “focused.” Is that a British connotation?

    I did like the reminder that (my interpretation) science is conducted and largely driven by folks who find and understand how the pieces work, but advanced by folks who see how the big bits are connected.

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    Wow, they’re running weekly segments. That’s ama za zing. There’s a huge need for more shows about evolution, it’s crazy to me how many people don’t understand even the basic concepts… That’s what happens to fundagelical home-schoolers, so sad.

  5. melior says

    Here in Texas, we got lucky with our local paper’s science writer, Eric Berger. He’s one of the good ones, and has written a rational, well-informed article about Darwin Day, including links to local lectures and talks. And it only mentions “the controversy” in order to quote a scientist explaining how “amusing” it is in the context of all the discoveries the theory has led and is still leading to. And he didn’t even feel the need to look up a kooky preacher to quote the Bible calling him a fool for ‘balance’. In Texas! I know, right?

    I wrote him a note of support for that.

    Scientists use Darwin theory to develop new technologies

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    Oh….here we go again, Darwin this, Darwin that, Young Darwin, old Darwin, Darwin, Darwin, Darwin.
    What you all seem to fail to see is that all Darwin had was a “theory”.
    Well in the interest of fairness, and in order to bring some balance to this Godless blog may I suggest you check out noted British theologist Count Arthur Strong.
    In a mere 2 minutes and 24 seconds noted and highly respected Count Arthur buries Darwin and his “theory”.
    For those of you who actually bother to click the links here is Count Arthur explaining the real truth about Biblical Egypt.
    Btw the BBC is promoting the Darwin myth as well…..
    May all you burn, heathen scum.

  7. Grumpy says

    #4: “Cool, more work for Yahoo Serious!”

    I know those words, but that sign makes no sense.

  8. Janine, Supercilious Asshole says

    TrampCod-and-FannyBatter, I think I would pay to see a debate between Count Arthur Strong and Facilis. I am afraid that witnessing this event would leave me a gibbering idiot but I would be highly amused.

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    Posted by: Rey Fox | February 1, 2009 2:47 PM


    But of course, Count Arthur Strong is one of the leading religious thinkers in Britain today.
    Click the link, he clearly explains the concept of God bringing light/darkness to the world and even tells us how the Lord named them as such. And check out what he has to say about the numbers of fruit available, as you do so, note that he backs up his claim with a reliable source. No airy fairy half truths and long winded “science” explanations from Arthur, just cold hard Biblical facts.

  10. Emily LiMilo says

    What’s all this I hear about the Year of Darwing? What is “darwing,” anyhow, and why are we encouraging the practice among our youth? I’m not sure how to do it, but I don’t like the sound of “young darwing” one bit. Can’t we just once ignore the Big Fad of the Moment and instead encourage our young people to take up more wholesome pastimes, like collecting beetles, or baseball cards? Our generation got along just fine without doing anything that even sounded like “darwing,” and I don’t see why…


    Never mind.

  11. Janine, Supercilious Asshole says

    Count Arthur Strong could well pass for a masterdebater.

    Especially if a young woman walks pass him.

  12. Janine, Supercilious Asshole says

    Epsilon, if you followed the links, you would know that TrampCod is being satirical, neither a Poe nor a troll. And the clips are amusing if rather Brit centric.

  13. Charles says

    I know I should expect this sort of thing by now, but I still cringe when I see comments like this one. From the NPR site on The Forces That Shaped A Young Charles Darwin :
    ” Ann D (rather_conservative) wrote:

    I enjoy Weekend Edition Sunday. But, I was very disappointed this morning to hear the Theory of Evolution presented as though it is a fact. Actually, Evolution, as an explanation for the origin of species of anything, including humans, has never been replicated or proven. No fossils of “missing links” have been found. It is a theory which requires faith to believe.
    On the other hand, there has never been a discovery made to disprove any part of the Bible. In fact, many discoveries have been made which support Bible history.
    Darwinism is especially disturbing when you consider Hitler’s rationales for what he carried out to exterminate useless humanity. I understand he studied Darwinism.
    I strongly recommend the film, “Expelled: No Intelligence Allowed.”

    I strongly recommend “Ann” read something besides the bible.

  14. black wolf says

    I find it fascinating that people like Ann have so little respect for themselves that they even copy-paste that same standard answer to anything about evolution or Darwin instead of bothering to get a teeny tiny little bit of accurate information about the topic.
    If that’s the dignity God purportedly hath edowed us witheth, I’ll pass, thank you.

  15. James F says


    Do these people all own the same Playbook of Stupid? So much science advocacy to do, so little time….