1. says

    Oh, I think we can agree that the P is never silent around here.

    Hey, I just got my hands on the latest issue of Answers magazine from Answers in Genesis. Darwin is their cover boy — and it’s all about combating the celebration of Darwin’s bicentennial with the truth. As they see it, of course. They exhort “good people” to oppose evolution. Pity, that. Most of the good people I know are evolutionists.

  2. recovering catholic says

    Charming illustrations! I hope she does a children’s ABC book with them…my boys would have loved this when they were growing up.

  3. says

    “‘F’ is the Fuck You Raptor.”

    Huh, I thought it was an exotic specimen found in Japan and named after the deadly pufferfish.

    I guess I was naive. Those palaeontologists sure are potty mouths!

  4. says

    We have it easy with just two letter names! Although next time I’m subjected to the inevitable question of what my initials stand for, I’ll tell them Jobaria Calymene.

  5. Sclerophanax says

    What? Clearly no feathers on Utahraptor! Boo! Hiss!

    Seriously though, these are really cute, and I like the variety of paleofauna used. I wonder if my sister would object too much if I used them to teach her son the alphabet? :)

  6. says

    That’s nice, but what I’d like to see is an app where you enter your initials and it gives you a genus and species with the same initials. For example, Homer Simpson might get “Homo sapiens.”

  7. Jim Baerg says

    I’m always amused when I see one of the Burgess Shale creatures & realize the origin of the name.
    Eg: Laggans was an early name for the village of Lake Louise & there is now a Laggans Bakery there. Also there is a Mount Wapta & the Wapta icefields near the Burgess Shale fossil site.

    I have a bunch of photos from hiking & ski trips in the area.

    Jobaria Raphus Bifericeras
    51° N 114° W

  8. ctenotrish says

    I like the paleobet very much! If I go with my nickname, Trish, I am Telicomys Laggania Calymene. But with my proper first name (Patricia) I get to be all marine, all the time, as Pteraspis Laggania Calymene. That make me happy, even if the P is silent. :)

  9. Slaughter says

    “It is a little awkward to discover this late in life that the ‘p’ is silent.”

    Not when I pronounce it!

    Griphognathus Hesperornis Hesperornis

  10. says

    Fukuiraptor is pronounced “foo-koo-ee-rap-tor”, named after Fukui Prefecture in which it was found.

    #17 Sclerophanax: not only unfeathered Utahraptor, but the dread spectre of Jurassic Park style “bunny hands” mars it and Fukuiraptor. For Darwin’s sake, folks, it is palms inward, not palms down!!

    Telicomys Raphus Hesperornis

  11. Andreas Johansson says

    Apparently I’m Archaeopteryx Jobaria. You gotta admit there’s something awesome about a flying feathered sauropod.

  12. Voting Present says

    Ugh! Sorry to bother everyone, but I just had to argue global warming denialist hogwash with a coworker.

    Strib poll Is the Earth warming or cooling?

    It’s cooling 36.1 %
    Neither. It’s still its steady old self 39.1 %
    It’s warming 24.6%

    Anyone want to try fixing that?

  13. David Marjanović, OM says

    Anyone want to try fixing that?

    Looks like I’d need to create a login & password.

  14. Jim says

    You should alert the Catholics who have been using your full name in their terrifying emails. There’s a group who loves to be corrected.

  15. Otto says

    “Put a creationist dentist in charge of the educational system”

    There is method to this madness, it provides plenty
    of docile and devout recruits for the armed forces.

  16. Leboyfriend says

    The ‘p’ is silent. As in ‘swimming’. This is a joke my grandmother thought hilariously funny back in the 1950’s.

  17. Moggie says

    Teaching kids about the letter ‘P’ using a word with a silent ‘P’: does that count as child abuse?

  18. Bride of Shrek OM says

    …but I named my third child “Paul Zachary” in your honour and NOW you’re telling me its not your real name.

    Boy is she gonna be pissed when she grows up and I tell her.

  19. says

    Apparently I’m Archaeopteryx Jobaria. You gotta admit there’s something awesome about a flying feathered sauropod.

    Ha! Archaeopteryx Kentrosaurus Bifericeras here. Let’s see if anyone can out-awesome a flying cephalopod with spiked armor!!

  20. Chris says

    At first those pictures made me want a pet indricotherium, but it appears that plan is slightly impractical. Where would I keep a pet that’s 5.5 m tall at the shoulder, over a meter taller than the largest recorded elephant (and has a neck and head that can stretch even higher than that)? I’d have a bit of trouble patting him on the head when his head was 8 meters off the ground.

    My last name does entitle me to the only cephalopod on the list, Bifericeras, though. I wonder if PZ is jealous…

  21. John Scanlon FCD says

    Nobody’s yet pointed out the spelling error in Zalambddalestes. I didn’t spot any others in the ‘bet, though.

  22. says

    About that silent ‘p’. Ancient Greek did have a ‘pt’ sound. Modern English doesn’t. So we decided to drop the ‘p’ in ‘pt’ and get on with life.

  23. Indricotherium says

    Alas, I am no longer a valid genus, but my new “older” name Paraceratherium would be a great “P” for you PZ!

  24. Samantha Vimes says

    If I’d found a carnivorous bipedal dinosaur fossil in Japan that was that large, it wouldn’t be the fukuiraptor, it would be gojiraraptor.

  25. says

    #46 Samantha Vimes:

    Actually, there IS a dinosaur Gojirasaurus, but it is a) from the American Southwest and b) not particularly large (although it was one of the largest Late Triassic carnivorous dinosaurs, but that is damned by faint praise). It is of course named after Gojira; its describer, Ken Carpenter, was inspired to become a paleontologist when his mother took him to see the original movie when he was young.

  26. says

    Thanks for the link, and thanks so much for the suggestions and corrections, everybody! Forgive me on the raptors — I’m a Cambrian gal at heart, but I’ll learn :)

  27. Mena says

    Rosemary, great job! I particularly like the Cambrian cartoon. I was tempted to do something like that but I really don’t have the imagination. Will you be doing more?