Here we go again — I get more email

Some online news organization has revivified the Cincinnati Zoo/Creation “museum” controversy, and they have blamed me for it all. Thank you, thank you, I appreciate the credit, but really, it must be shared with the thousands of people who responded with their letters, and particularly with the zoo administrators, who so quickly saw the folly of forming an affiliation with an anti-science/anti-education organization like Answers in Genesis.

However, Mark Looy of the Creation “museum” generously credited me by name as the ringlea…um, criminal mastermi…uh, instigator of the campaign to separate science from irrationality.

“I think so much pressure came on the zoo — not only by local residents, but [from] all over the country, including an email campaign instigated by a professor in Minnesota, several hundred miles away,” notes Looy.

“He got many of his colleagues to send very angry emails and made some nasty phone calls to the zoo — so much so that the guest relations people at the zoo were just overwhelmed with how to deal with this.”

According to The Associated Press, University of Minnesota-Morris biology professor P.Z. Myers urged readers of his blog to contact the zoo. In an email to the news service, he expressed his pleasure that the zoo moved so quickly and stated that someone in the zoo’s marketing department “lost sight of the educational mission of the institution while trying to make money.”

You know what this means. It means a new flood of angry emails from aggravated creationists. I guess the site where this was posted gets a lot of right-wing traffic, because the loons are calling. I’ve tossed a few of these letters below the fold — have fun. It’s the weirdest thing, too — the majority of them are actually written in Comic Sans. You didn’t think I picked that font for posting ridiculous comments on accident, did you?

First, who is this Mr Morris?

I guess it feels good to stamp your feet and get your way. When you can show physical proof of your foolish belief in your religion evolution you may impress me but we know you can’t. If you think you can prove your false belief why don’t you debate Mr. Morris publicly in front of a real audience. I do know you won’t do this because of your high and mighty unfounded pride. You ought to be ashamed of yourself forcing your religion on others this is a free country and it should not happen. If your religion
is so faultless and absolutely correct then debate with a professional from a creationalist Mr. Morris. Scientist thought the universe revolved around the earth about 1000 years ago,they thought the earth was flat 500 years ago and 200 years ago man couldn’t fly so as we progress we find science is very fallible. So as long as people like you think you are an infallible god and socialism is the way you chose to deal with unproven fact there are always people that won’t and can’t believe another false religion. Please don’t bother to respond to this email unless you will have an open debate with Mr. Morris because I choose to deal with you like you dealt with the Zoo but I won’t stamp my feet and call all my friends to intimidate somebody I’m afraid to face and have an honest conversation with. Coward.

This one is very enamored with the idea that we must teach all the drivel, no matter how inane it is.

Dear Professor,
I am so very sorry that your belief in evolution is so weak, that you have to pressure anyone and everyone who wishes to present the Biblical version of the beginning of life. Are you afraid that evolution will be disproved? Afraid of the Facts? Does the weakness in evolution scare you so much that you have to scare people away from genuine scientific discovery by exploring all avenues how life began? One can only derive that you are actually a Satanist. As only a Satan worshiper would fear the teaching of Christ! What does an atheist fear? A true atheist would think that Christians (or other religious persons) were just wasting their time and would truly not be bothered. I will pray for you all your colleagues. Obviously, you all need a lot of prayers to see the REAL TRUTH. I have no problem with teaching evolution side by side with Creationism (or intelligent design), but for some reason, the evolutionists are afraid to let Creationism (ID) to be taught side by side, so that the students can derive their own opinion. You certainly have forgotten what true scientific research is really about. You know, exploring ALL avenues and not a single approach. This tells me that you are not truly qualified to teach because you are too biased to allow your students to learn all of the facts.

This one hits all the right-wing high notes.

I read about the recent attacks on Christianity from your department. I am referring to the trouble that was made over the Creation Museum in Kentucky and their joint venture with the Cincinnati zoo. My only words are : The Cincinnati zoo should let their monkeys go and cage the evolutionists because they act more like monkeys than the real ones.

This nation is going crazy with left wing attacks on traditional America and the Christian principles on which it was founded (not the revisionist historian separation of church/state myth). The war on Christmas every year, the blatant attacks on Christianity, and all the insane excuses people come up with to attempt to avoid God.

Evolution is the biggest lie Satan has ever told. Have you ever even read about where the idea of “millions of years” come from? It wasn’t entirely Charles Darwin’s idea. He simply used that idea to justify his own personal revelation to discount God. In other words, the only way his idea of evolution (it is not a theory because it is not testable in a lab environment) would work is if there was an massive expanse of time for it to happen in. Up until Darwin and a few others before him the idea of an old earth was ridiculous – and don’t call me a flat earther because that term in itself is incorrect. Even the prophet Isaiah knew that the earth was round. (Read The Politically Incorrect Guide to Science)

Plainly, these attacks on normal people such has been instigated in this case is downright silly and totally uncalled for. It is amazing that ultra-left wingers believe in nothing, yet support a ‘separation of church and state”. I too believe in this. I believe that the state, including university professors, should stay out of the church’s business. Liberals complain about creationism being taught in school. Well, you know what, we do not want evolution taught in our churches and if we want to build a museum dedicated to the creator, then that’s our right and our business. If you don’t like it, don’t look at it. It’s as simple as that.

Evolution is used now as a tool to promote the vulgar and disgusting homosexual movement that has recently become violent. By claiming that evolution is real, the gay community can claim that they were born gay, which is absurd. No one is born gay. it is a psychological problems that stems from early childhood scenarios. Even the APA used to say this until they were pressured by the far left to change history and change science. That’s what they do best.

I wish I could get a job teaching at a University, but I am not qualified. I am not a terrorist (BillAyers) and do not worship the environment(global warming nuts), do not seek monkeys as my creator (evolutionists) and do not brainwash other people (Marxists). I suppose I am disqualified from teaching. Maybe someday, America will wake up and fire every hippy liberal brainwashed professor and hire real teachers who teach the truth rather than a mock version of reality. How did that terrorist Bill Ayers not get executed for treason in the 1960s anyway? It is amazing that a man of his sickening stature could get a job teaching. Thank you ACLU! (Allied Communist Lickers Union). You have destroyed America. Maybe someday there will be an uprising and real Americans can take back this country from the slaves of deceit and aggressors who seek the destruction of their own well-being. I guess all that dope in the 1960s just hasn’t worn completely off yet. Maybe one day America will wake up after the 60s generation is dead and gone and realize that we need to reclaim America again.

Until then, happy monkey! (or what ever non Christmas evolution people say)

P.S. MERRY CHRISTMAS! (It’s about calling it what it is!)

Name deleted






This one is fairly representative of the succession of tirades I’m getting right now.

I just found out that you were one of the main reasons that the Cincinnati Zoo cancelled its partnership with the nearby Creation Museum. How dare you!!! And you should be ashamed of yourself, but since you are obviously an intolerant, left wing liberal, I can probably count on the fact you have no conscience, at least not one that would make you ashamed of something like this. You know I have heard many people talk about how Christians are such hypocrites, and true some are. But people like you are even worse hypocrites. You spout your speech about how people should be tolerant of others. Of course what you mean by this is that Christians should be tolerant. Well, sir (and I use that term extremely loosely), Christians are probably the most tolerant people on the planet. If we weren’t, and if we spoke up more, then asinine liberals like yourself wouldn’t be trashing this once great country. Your intolerance (which you denounce so vehemently in others) for people who believe differently than you is what led you to your massive e-mail and phone campaign by you, and readers of your blog, to the Cincinnati Zoo that made them cancel their partnership with the museum. I would think that as an educator you would want people to see different viewpoints, take them all into consideration, then choose for themselves what they believe. But it has gotten to the point that college and university professors today are no longer educators. All many of you do is spout your viewpoint as if it is the truth, and you don’t tolerate (there’s that word again) or even encourage open and honest discussion on topics among your students. All you do is force them to listen to you and what you believe and pass that off as education. Since you place so much stock in e-mail campaigns, don’t be surprised if you suddenly become the recipient of one yourself. And I hope you have the courage to answer this e-mail, but then again I’m sure you don’t. You, just like so many other pea-brained, pinheaded liberals I know, just want to make your stupid little comments then go into hiding and not take any responsibility for what you say or do. But then again, why would I expect you to answer this e-mail. You have no argument against what I have said. Your actions have proven that you are an intolerant, pseudo-intellectual snob.

That’s probably enough. I expect I’ll be getting a lot more of these over the next few days.


  1. J-Dog says

    PZ – Thank you for being there and taking the heat from the godless Christians, so I don’t have to.

  2. says

    Damn it. Busy as all hell today and i missed Drew.

    But I love this mangled regurgitation of that piece of C.S. Lewis drivel

    Because as far as Jesus goes, he’s either what he said he was, or the biggest fraud in homo-sapien history.

    Are those really the only choices Drew?

    Anyone who uses that quote to support their argument is a total buffoon.

  3. Patricia, OM says

    Who would want to admit to being as ornery as we are?

    Looks like the troll has fled. Too bad, he’s missing some damn good stuff.

  4. Steve_C says

    Yeah what happened? He almost seemed to be actually thinking about what we were saying… and then WHAM. Maybe it was starting to make sense to him and that was too scary.

  5. Wowbagger says

    I missed the troll-stomp, too – or was it trolls? The contrast in tone between a few of those posts made me wonder if ‘Drew’ wasn’t more than one person. Unfortunately, even between a couple of them there wasn’t half a brain.

  6. Nick Gotts says

    Patricia, I think we need to recruit a third person so that we may become The Fates. Janine, Vile Bitch

    Bride of Shrek is the obvious candidate – is she still around?

  7. Nerd of Redhead says

    Jebus, we had a live one and I was removing the 6″ of snow that dropped on us overnight. By the time I was finished, he had left. I hope he comes back, as he sounds very confused.
    Raven, I always say science ignores god and religion.

  8. WRMartin, I.S. says

    Personally, I think Drew may have been upset and possibly insulted by some sinner (who shall remain nameless) between post 462 and 471. This may be due to a timing issue with folks reading and composing then getting comments out of sequence.
    There is also the possibility that Wowbagger mentioned – someone snagged his name and posted in his place. If so, totally uncool and uncalled for.
    Steve_C has probably hit the bull’s eye with sense being too scary.
    But in all honesty, I hope he is lurking and reading.

    Drew, stay away from the blow, have a toke and a nice cold beer, if you have a pet give them a scratch on the head, relax for a bit then re-read some of the replies while taking into account the anger being dispensed at you was your own fault for being so vile in your first few posts. Read around the anger, if you must. Your questions have been answered. Maybe not in the manner you expected but people here have provided many examples and have attempted to be honest. Can you say the same?

    Post 462 actually had me fooled. But I still think he may have some potential (Happy Monkey tends to make me too tolerant, maybe). Many people tend to over-react violently when their world view is turned upside down. If they can pass on through that anger then they might learn something and be a better person for it. Then he can pass along the knowledge to others who are/were like him and start his stories with, “I was once ignorant and stuck in my ways like you…”

  9. Steve says

    There is a billboard for the creationist museum on I-71 as you travel from Columbus to Cincinnati. A group of us passed it one day. One of my co-workers (who is not from Cincinnati) remarked, “What the hell is that?” After I explained it to her, it took her at least 5 minutes and three people backing me up to get her to believe us. I still have problems from time to time.

  10. Janine, Vile Bitch says

    Insulted by a nameless sinner.

    I went back and reread what I wrote. Harsh but it was meant to be. No one gets away with crashing in, get stomped and then say “Let us be civil”. I did not even swear at him. Perhaps he needs thicker skin.

  11. hip hip array says

    I misread one bit as “”lost sight of the educational mission of the institution while trying to make monkey.”

  12. WRMartin, I.S. says

    Harsh but it was meant to be.

    Oh, I agree. No argument from me there. I almost expect it from such an Insulting Vile Bitch Sinner, and dare I say (dare, dare, go ahead, say it) slutterific one as your self.
    Now, let’s all head over to the latest and get our fancies tickled.

    Happy Monkey!

  13. Nerd of Redhead says

    Janine, I prefer your Sinner moniker, thinking that the B-word is a little much, but it is your choice. Be happy with your selection.
    I liked Drew’s remarks about us just being PZ drones. I think PZ just posted once to scare off God and Satan. While I may agree with PZ on most things, I only obey, to a degree, the Redhead.

  14. Patricia, OM says

    Went back and read where Drew first appeared #361, and then on down. What a nasty bastard! I wonder what he would accept as credentials for a ‘expert’ on the christian side? My opinion is that we have plenty of experts here.

    Thanks WRMartin, for noticing the claws. Bride of Shrek would be the natural leader of the Fates, Furies (9), or Wyrd Sisters, since she is the first slut to out herself. Sure do miss her…

  15. Janine, Vile Bitch says

    Posted by: Nerd of Redhead | December 19, 2008

    I liked Drew’s remarks about us just being PZ drones. I think PZ just posted once to scare off God and Satan. While I may agree with PZ on most things, I only obey, to a degree, the Redhead.

    You want to know what I hate most about being one of PZ’s drones. It is the damned WiFi connection that I had to have placed in my head. And it was not even free. I had to pay for the connection and the operation. I would rebel if I could but PZ just sent new commands to me.

  16. says

    If we’ve been around 4.5 billion years, wouldn’t there be many more humans around here? Wouldn’t there be millions of transitional versions of us as well? Am sure you guys have a scientific answer, but I’m just asking common sense questions.

      A brief timeline of the earth:

    • ~4.58 billion years ago – The sun was born out of a collapsed hydrogen cloud
    • ~4.55 billion years ago – All the planets and celestial bodies were formed
    • ~4.5 billion years ago – The moon was formed in a collision with earth
    • ~3.5 billion years ago – The first replicating life began
    • ~700 million years ago – The first multicellular life began
    • ~530 million years ago – Life as we know it began to take shape
    • ~375 million years ago – Our fishy ancestors first started to crawl out of the water and breathe air
    • ~260 million years ago – Our reptilian ancestors first appeared
    • ~230 to 65 million years ago – The dinosaurs were the dominant land animal
    • ~65 million years ago – A meteorite hits the earth and wipes out most life, includian the non-avian dinosaurs
    • ~4.5 million years ago – we share our last common ancestor with chimpanzees
    • ~250,000 years ago – The first noticeably humans emerge
    • ~70,000 years ago – The first migration of Homo Sapien out of africa
    • ~10,000 years ago – The first domestication of crops and animals
    • Today – The human population reaches near 7 billion
    • So why aren’t there more humans? Well the first question should be to ask why there are so many humans? We have a staggering population – all requiring a hell of a lot of resources to sustain. Why can we sustain such a population? Well we can’t really, we are pushing the limits of the earth to keep it this high. Through modern science and technology, we have made it easier to sustain a larger population. If we didn’t have this reality available food sources, then we wouldn’t be able to keep such a large group. It’s only through our success as a species that we are this high.

      This is where the work of Malthus comes into it, it inspired both Darwin and Wallace upon discovering Natural Selection. Species have more offspring than they can sustain, so there is a struggle for resources. Those individuals more suited to surviving will have more offspring than those who won’t, and the weakest will be culled. Nature is a brutal struggle, it’s only in the last 10,000 years that we’ve begun to pull ourselves away from that struggle. And really in the last 150 we’ve been able to have a large population. Why aren’t there more humans? Quite simply we couldn’t feed or shelter them in the past.

  17. says

    Oh and Drew. Are you saying that you know better than the entire geological community by thinking the earth is younger than 4.5 billion years? If so, what evidence do you have to support your assertion?

  18. Nerd of Redhead says

    Janine, PZ’s implants hold nothing compared to the Redhead’s fry pans and knitting needles. Or tonight, her chile to warm worker in the cold.

  19. Janine, Vile Bitch says

    I suppose that a well placed frying pan could disable the WiFi but I am concerned about the concussion.

  20. Diane G says

    Jeez, still can’t get a word in edgewise, here!

    Tho with 500+ posts, very few people are going to see this, I’d like to point out that there’s a very good rebuttal to this:

    Posted by: Drew | December 19, 2008 12:24 PM

    And thanks for all those atheist hospitals you guys have given to society… Oh wait, that wasn’t you, it was…


    I saved that link a long time ago as it comes in handy so damn frequently. (I also find it an encouragement for us to “reframe” our thinking and start taking credit where credit is due. :) )


  21. WRMartin, I.S. says

    Kel’s post at 518 is one of the ones you’ll want to re-read a few times and learn from. Then paste Thomas Malthus and Alfred Wallace into Wikipedia (at a minimum) and learn a little more. A refresher on Charles Darwin couldn’t hurt – you might un-learn some half-truths and outright lies that you have been told in the past.
    And no, please don’t start calling us Wallaceists. ;)

    Happy Monkey!

  22. says

    I am sorry that many of you willingly suffer such a miserable, depressing existence.

    It’s time for some Nietzsche.

    I have a pretty wonderful existence really. I enjoy reality, I enjoy the time I spend on this earth. I enjoy food and drink, I enjoy conversing with others, I enjoy the company of friends and loved ones. I appreciate art, music, and books. I love losing myself into another’s world. Yet I have no god, I never did and I never will. It’s a mechanism of control, one that attaches itself to the very core of your inner being.

    Of course you see nihilism in atheism, you are one who can’t imagine meaning without God. I on the other hand can’t see meaning in God, the concept of an afterlife trivialises this life. And this is the only life I know I have. We don’t need gods or fairies to make our existence worthwhile, we are hardwired so we will always find something that makes our existence worthwhile – we are hardwired to find meaning. And you don’t need God for that meaning, or need God to explain how we have that feeling. It simply is, it is great, and I urge you to embrace mortality so you don’t waste the precious gift of life the universe has given you.

  23. John Morales says

    Wow, just caught up with this thread.

    I think Drew @471 is a case of in vino veritas (maybe some “blow” was guiltily enjoyed?).

    So revealing.

  24. Janine, Vile Bitch says

    Diane G, you can post what you want at anytime. Do not feel intimidated by the volume here. And thank you for that link, I learned from it. If you bring this kind of information when you post, you will make a lot of friends here.

  25. Nerd of Redhead says

    Diane G, we are a vocal group with lots of posts (we’re helping PZ pay his trophy daughter’s tuition with our views/posts). We will respond to you in time, meaning post and we will respond. Don’t worry, you are welcome here. I came on board after lurking for while just before Crackergate, which was a “baptism by fire” for a newbie.

  26. Patricia, OM says

    Vile Bitch is out there, some. But I say keep it. The good christians are shocked by women flaunting such titles. It will prove interesting in the future when someone is insulted by it to point out a christian plastered Janine with it. Drew may have been a poor christian, but he was a christian none the less.

    Besides, Janine will get a new name within a week anyway. I have faith.

  27. Janine, Vile Bitch says

    Posted by: Patricia, OM | December 19, 2008

    Vile Bitch is out there, some. But I say keep it. The good christians are shocked by women flaunting such titles…

    Besides, Janine will get a new name within a week anyway. I have faith.

    True enough. I do try to update my jokes.

  28. John Morales says


    Vile Bitch is out there, some.

    Um. It’s only now you mention it that it strikes me :)

    I newly appreciate your defiance, Janine.

  29. Nerd of Redhead says

    pz how can you stand it?

    Brightmoon, you are going to have to be a little more specific after 500+ posts. And welcome, if this is your first post.

  30. bastion says

    At #520 Nerd of Redhead wrote:

    Janine, PZ’s implants hold nothing compared to the Redhead’s fry pans and knitting needles.

    Inquiring minds want to know: just where did the Redhead implant said fry pans (more than one!) and knitting needles?

  31. Ben says

    A thought: If you were going to visit a blog and totally crap all over everybody, as Drew did, then give your address, as he did in #409, this is the safest possible place you could do something like that. I’m fairly new to these environs, but that makes me feel good about the people posting here. Thanks, people.

  32. Nerd of Redhead says

    Bastion, certain things are not said in polite company. Especially any exaggerations made for comedic purposes.

    I think the Redhead and I have been married longer than PZ and his trophy wife, although we first met later than elementary school-in Jr. High. Getting the trophy wife the first time around is always nice, as it saves a lot of heartache. She is a good cook and does knit up a storm. Can’t carve a piece of cooked meat to save her soul though, and thinks the computer’s mouse will bite her. So I’m her Nerd, master of all things electronic.

  33. BGT says

    I haven’t bothered to read through Drew’s comments, since I am pretty sure (99.99999999999999999999999%) that they have been well eviscerated, but I will say this much…..

    Drew, if you wish to come back and honestly defend your positions (honestly means that if you quote the bible that you can back up the bible with some peer reviewed research, say Bart Ehrmann) I would be willing to engage you.

    Seeing that you have already caused Janine to change her post-name to Vile Bitch, I am not sure that you have actually presented any arguments further than pure troll flaming though….

  34. BGT says

    BTW Drew….please tell me that you aren’t a presuppositionalist.

    Those are the funniest people to debate. There is no reason to presuppose that god exists, so I would not let you get away with that bit of tripe in your postings.

  35. God says

    I think PZ just posted once to scare off God and Satan.


    Just because PZ can see commenter e-mail addresses, IP addresses, browser strings (including embedded operating system info) (et cetera, et cetera), and also wields a mighty LART, does not mean that I (or my sockpuppet) was “scared off”.

    I simply recalled pressing business elsewhere.

  36. Satan says

    I simply recalled pressing business elsewhere.

    Yes, exactly. I, too, simply remembered something else urgent that needed my immediate attention.

  37. Rey Fox says

    Janine @512:
    “Perhaps he needs thicker skin.”

    I think that he just really really can’t stand to be told off by a woman.

  38. Jadehawk says

    well, that was the weirdest troll I’ve seen since reading this blog. though i think whoever said that he’s one of those people who have messed up their life and are desperately looking for structure in their life to fix it again. he’s one lonely drive through a stormy night and a giant neon cross away from turning into a fundie.

    too bad. if he had introduced himself in any other way than by presupposing that we’re all murderous psychos, there might have been a productive conversation. unfortunately it seems he’s too unstable to be able to handle the questions that come with first discovering skepticism/humanism. he’s far more likely to go hide out in some rigidly structured church until he’s regained some balance, and then he’ll probably be too hooked on fundyism and won’t want to jeopardize his new-found stability

    at least that’s the impression he made on me.

  39. Jadehawk says

    er… that was supposed to be: “though i think whoever said that he’s one of those people who have messed up their life and are desperately looking for structure in their life to fix it again, was probably correct.”

    oops :-p

  40. Nathan says

    I was informed that this web site hosted some of the most intelligent dialogue on Evolution. Imagine my suprise when I stubled across this exchange. 549 comments. Really? How many of those 549 had to do with PZ Myers original comments on the Cincinnati zoo? Clearly ‘Drew’ was interested in provoking everyone, but I’ll bet even he was suprised at how easy it was, and how low some of you went with him.

  41. Michael X says

    Judge not friend unless you’d like your holier than thou attitude put under a microscope as well.

  42. Watchman says

    I was informed that this web site hosted some of the most intelligent dialogue on Evolution. Imagine my suprise when I stubled across this exchange.

    Why so surprised? Did you really expect to find a blog where every post and every comment was about Evolution? It’s a mixed bag, like most blogs. Stick around.

  43. Steve_C says

    Part of the allure of the site is that it’s like flypaper for creationists. We get to swat down their silly arguments, it’s entertaining.

    If you don’t like the “tone” bugger off. You could try to “debate” a creationist at one of their sites but they either ban you or fail to approve your comments.

  44. Steve_C says

    Hehe. Nope. That was pure entertainment. Creationists don’t debate. You really are a Noob.

  45. Nathan says

    Whats the point of a creation/ evolution debate? It is no different than a political debate. Each side walks away convinced that they won.

  46. Steve_C says

    Nathan, it’s what we do here. If it bores you as much as you bore us, you should probably run along.

  47. Nerd of Redhead says

    Nathan, stick around and watch for a few days. We are a very diverse group, ranging from college students to old farts like me, and range in jobs from scientists to computer experts to philosophers to lawyers to henmistresses. We all love science for the most part.

    Creationists tend to be very repetitive when they post. They haven’t had an original idea in years. When challenged, they have trouble thinking so they leave.

  48. Nathan says

    Art and History have been my feilds of study and teaching, but I am fascinated by Science. I am always looking to learn whatever I can, whenever I can. I was simply pointing out my suprise at the tone of the exchange when I read thru these comments. There were a few informative answers that I enjoyed reading. I realise most of the people here are very knowlegable and I was interested to hear what you have to say. There were a few informative comments as I scanned thru which is what kept me reading. Thaks for those. Martin and Kel for example. I doubt I will be back however, although I could learn alot by simply watching, I was looking for a blog were I could ask questions and learn thru discussion as well. I have tried on a few other topics and apparently my ignorance bores most of the bloggers.

  49. Nathan says

    Art and History have been my feilds of study and teaching, but I am fascinated by Science. I am always looking to learn whatever I can, whenever I can. I was simply pointing out my suprise at the tone of the exchange when I read thru these comments. I realise most of the people here are very knowlegable and I was interested to hear what you have to say. There were a few informative comments as I scanned thru which is what kept me reading. Thanks for those. Martin and Kel for example. I doubt I will be back however, although I could learn alot by simply watching, I was looking for a blog were I could ask questions and learn thru discussion as well. I have tried on a few other topics and apparently my ignorance bores most of the bloggers. Have a good week.

  50. Nathan says

    Sorry about the duplicate post. My computer is slow and I thought it didn’t go thru the first time.

  51. Katie says

    Hello, I got this from a discussion board on facebook, a friend there(who is athiest) kept saying Happy Monkey. I was like, ok? But anyways, I have many “non religious” friends but I am, myself a believer in God. And you know what? I believe what I think is true, to BE true. But I also am sick of some of my fellow christians. Im sorry, but I am. I read the very first post, and this person has it totally right.

    “I confess, I only skimmed, but something from the third letter caught my eye: “Christians are probably the most tolerant people on the planet.”



    *wipes a tear* Oh my, I think I hurt myself laughing. Funniest damn thing I’ve read all night.”

    Its sad, but true. Most of us dont tolerate people who act, dress or believe the same way we do. My athiest friends and I get along just fine. We dont fight(well, we play fight) about God and evolution. Why should we? (for the christians) I know what the bible says about “spreading the word”, but there’s a diff between sharing love and shouting at a non believers and calling them stupid and stuff. Like it says, “hate the sin, love the sinner”. Show love, not hate. (for the atheists)I am sorry for what most of you think of christians, Im sorry b/c most of it has good cause. We do and say things that are so mean and judgemental. I know this b/c I have seen it in action time and time again. I have been fighting this for a couple years now. Im really sorry. Now that I have said that, you all arnt perfect either you know. I have run into more then a few who, even though I respectfully didnt push them into religion, started throwing insults, both at me and my God. So we all arnt perfect. One day, I hope we all can live in harmony.

    P.S Happy Holidays, and Happy Monkey for you guys!