1. Carlie says

    Hmmmm. So, did it just find an empty shell to snuggle in, or, like the Slitheen, is it nestling in the empty leftovers of its latest victim?

  2. says

    LOL Spineless

    #1 I kin has teh clamz plez.

    #2 Nom Nom Nom Moer buttersaus plez. Nom Nom Nom

    #3 Non performin morgage. I has them.

    #4 I is in forklosur.

  3. barry21 says

    Can someone please explain what that is a photograph of? I can’t quite tell what I am looking at.

  4. says



  5. says

    Reminds me of when the family was snorkeling in the Bahamas. The rest of us found shells but my son found an octopus nestled in a broken bottle.

  6. says

    Damn PZ, you always manage to find the best Cephalopod pictures. My wife and I are heading for Cozumel again, shortly and we will be on the look out for Cephalopods again, among other sea based critters. Hopefully we will be able to send you and your readers some more pictures to gawk at over the Christmas break (Seasonal Break, Festive Season, Holiday Break,… or whatever people want to call the mass consumption holiday)

  7. Brad D says

    Uh-oh! Don’t show this around too much, the anti GM-foods crowd will have a cow, which they might find a bit awkward to explain.

  8. SEF says

    LOL Spineless

    It’s “lollusc” (or should be!) and the I can has cheezburger site already has a few.

  9. Patricia says

    Be sure to have a look at the little bonus video offered when you enlarge the photo, a walking cephalopod. Nice!

  10. Lee Picton says

    Cats always snuggle up in small spaces, too. But they are furry , and they purr, and you can pet them. Seriously, they are fascinating, but what can you do with a pet octopus?

  11. Fester says

    Whats the difference between a Phd in Biology and a extra large pizza?

    The extra large pizza can feed a family of four.

  12. Angel says

    Cozy 1 BR in nice neighborhood. Good schools. Close to restaurants and shopping. Make an offer.

  13. llewelly says

    Can someone please explain what that is a photograph of? I can’t quite tell what I am looking at.

    Well, it’s obviously just a harmless clam. At least, that’s what the clam-eating octopus wants you to think. Especially if you’re another tasty clam.