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    Thought you should know that Howard Schweber, a columnist at the Huffington Post just badmouthed your favorite marine animal:

    What the hell is Paulson thinking? Never mind the economics of all this, what about the politics? I have to assume that members of Congress are going to be absolutely enraged. Remember the hard sell on the original bailout package? We had to immediately purchase toxic assets or a Depression would ensue, there would be riots in the streets, cephalopods would fall from the sky.

    And my offering over at The Talking Points memo is doing quite well. It’s the most recommended post of the last day in the Muckracker section:

    An End to the Illegal Smile?

    My religious poll looks to be topping out about 500 votes. Withes and Heathens rule.


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    Off topic:

    Does anyone know what’s happened to Matt Dowling’s fine blog Ontogeny? It’s been deleted with no mention he’s restarted elsewhere.