Radio reminder

Don’t forget to tune in to Atheists Talk radio for a discussion of state science standards sometime this morning. It’s nominally at 9am, but there’s a time change tonight, I’m in a different time zone right now, and I’ve got to be up at 4am to catch a plane home, so I have no idea what time it will actually be. You figure it out.


  1. clinteas says

    You figure it out.

    So this is what I get for running the night shift here day in,day out? “You figure it out?”

    Come on PZ,at least do us the GMT courtesy,who can figure out the bloody timezones,they seem to be ever changing,we have 4 different ones in Australia alone,some changed at the beginning of October,some at the end of October,I dont even know when to watch the European Soccer anymore,its so confusing……

  2. magetoo says

    If I’m reading it correctly, 9 AM, Central time is 15.00 UTC (and 16.00 CET, where I am). So just add six for CET (or mentally copy/paste this comment).

  3. Carl T says

    Is it just me (and my equipment), or is the audio quality on the Atheist Talk podcasts so bad that it’s hardly possible to hear what’s being said, let alone enjoy it?

  4. magetoo says

    Of course, it seems I’m not writing it correctly. Should be “add six for UTC”, and “…in the future”.

    But here is a better option, courtesy of’s “fixed time” feature. (For all who are missing PZ’s usual giant block of times around the world.)

  5. Michael C says

    PZ, you forgot to tell us listening overseas that do not have Daylight Savings Time that the times changed in the US recently. I was stuck listening to an hour ad waiting for the show to start :(