Eugenie Scott’s birthday!

That’s what Greg Laden says, and he wouldn’t lie. If you’re wondering what you can get her for her birthday, I’m sure she’d love it if you’d join the National Center for Science Education. It’s much better than diamonds, and cheaper, too.


  1. says

    How about getting her a dinner with Ben Stein?

    Could be entertaining for her, actually. I know I’d love to hear his explanation of how Darwinism doesn’t allow us to ask questions about gravity (except he’d probably mumble some nonsense incoherently).

    Glen D

  2. Nerd of Redhead says

    Nothin, and I repeat NOTHIN is better than diamonds. *snort*

    The Redhead disagrees. She likes emeralds. Her engagement ring had to have emeralds.

  3. James F says

    Joined the NCSE and donated a while ago, and recruited my eleventh Steve to Project Steve today – I guess that will have to do for a birthday present. Happy birthday, Eugenie, and keep fighting the good fight!

  4. Patricia says

    That’s exactly what I would expect from a red head!
    Just goes to show you what red heads know.
    Blonde’s everywhere know diamonds are a girls best friend.

    flounces out…

  5. tcb says

    Her engagement ring had to have emeralds.

    Emeralds or diamonds, I would so like to give Eugenie Scott an engagement ring. But I think she already has one.

    Happy Birthday!

  6. Janine ID AKA The Lone Drinker says

    Oh, you hussy! What is wrong with red?
    (I think you can guess what color my hair is.)

  7. Michael B says

    It looks like it might be something near the Ron Howard clip that keeps forcing my explorer to close today. I couldn’t even look at the blog until more posts were added. When I scroll down, the Howard clip is the last thing I see before my explorer crashes. Maybe some brainwashed child of a fundie has hacked the site, but that seems awfully advanced for that crowd.

  8. Robert Mendez says

    Eugenie is a fine woman and I have been to her office in El Cerrito, just down the street, while at U.C.Berkeley. However, the ivory towers of biology have said no to using science to definitively bury creation beliefs and it would be simple to do. While at Cal, I was fortunate to know and study with Alan Dundes, who has since passed away. He was one of the most popular professors and if you were lucky enough to take a course in folk lore with him, you know why he was so popular. Alan was dedicated to his field and his students but one morning I stopped by as he was leaving his office and he asked if I would walk him to class. As we walked, we discussed the ideas of religion and what should be done to keep those ideas out of science. Folk Lore by then was garnering respect for the legitimate work in offering consilient ideas to support evolutionary theory. Professor Dundes said to his teaching assistant, ‘what did we ever decide to do about a class on folk lore in the bible?’ It hit me then that while it was not the job of science to dispel religion from its curricula, establishing what was valid research material was not only within its domain, it was downright handy. If organizations like Ms. Scott’s focused on the material used to come up with the far flung ideas of religion, they might find a more definitive path towards shutting down the farcical notions of creation beliefs that litter the world and, in so doing, allow science to thrive. I understand the “books” have validity, but until they are properly shelved in the folk lore departments of the world, we will still have to fight for our freedom to believe in what is real and what is polemic.

  9. rob says

    it may or may not be true that today is eugenie scott’s birthday but could one of the good world netizens please go and engage in some fact checking between wikipedia’s date (10th december) and what we are being fed? it is so confusing…. almost makes you want to pray to some sort of deity to bring order to the situation….

  10. says

    There seems to be some dispute about the date. However, the one thing you can be sure of is that yesterday was a very momentous birthday… Happy Birthday, Universe! Gawd sent a birthday card over at my humble blog.

    Er… I hope that wasn’t too shameless or hijacky.

  11. says

    The wikipedia info box was wrong, and is now right*. It is her birthday today. For reals.

    *it had her birth date listed as year|day|month instead of year|month|day for some reason. Apparently she was born on the 10th of 24tober.

  12. Patricia says

    Good gawd. Everyone knows that no true christian would ever be caught with red hair.
    It’s a true and certain indicator of a scarlet woman.
    Vice, sin, lust, drunkenness, gluttony, and coveting. And worse.
    Red heads tend to bounce. ;o)

  13. Janine ID AKA The Lone Drinker says

    Well, I am not a christian. I can get away with the scarlet markings!

  14. Nerd of Redhead says

    The Redhead grew up Episcopalian, but hasn’t attended any services except on very rare occasions when asked by a friend since we were married many years ago. So I would guess she isn’t a true Xian either. I think she tends toward being a deist.

  15. Patricia says

    Is that some sort ah little ol’ confession?

    Or are you about to just BUST out with some bouncin’ and give poor ol’ tsg another fainting spell?

    It’s pretty early in the mornin’ to just be haulin’ that sort of thing out. Wench. ;o)

  16. Steve Ulven says

    Cool! I share a birthday with Eugenie Scott!!! I think she has a few decades on me, though. I’m just a mere pup at 29 as of today.

  17. says

    Reasons an NCSE membership is better than diamonds:

    1. Cheaper
    2. More eco-friendly
    3. No such thing as a “blood NCSE membership”
    4. Wearing too many diamonds makes you look like a douchebag, but donating lots of money to NCSE makes you a philanthropist

  18. Genie says

    Thanks, everyone. I feel truly well-wished. And, FYI, we DID celebrate October 23, 4004 BC at the office yesterday. Cake and all. It’s an annual event at NCSE, at least if I’m not traveling. No one else is crazy enough to get up early to bake a cake!

    And happy birthday, Steve Ulven. Happy last year of your 20s! (the 60s aren’t as bad as they seem from the 20s, actually!)

    James F — thanks for joining and for your Steve recruitment. We’re going to print the next t-shirt at 1000, and we have about 25 to go, so keep those Steves and Stephanies coming!

    Thanks again, to all. And especially to PZ.

  19. brightmoon says

    btw jupiter in in the southwestern sky at sunset and venus is also near the setting sun in the west
    you can see both before it gets truly dark ..big bluish white dots much brighter than stars
    and planets dont twinkle
    wonder what some silly astrologist would make of that on eugenie’s birthday ?

  20. Diego says

    Hurray! I’ve met her a few times, and have always been impressed with her. The first time was at an Evolution conference where she was manning (“womaning?”) the NCSE table. I bought a t-shirt from her and didn’t realize who she was until I attended a talk she was giving later on in the conference. That’s how down-to-earth she is.

  21. Taz says

    Done. Been meaning to join NCSE for awhile now, Eugenie’s birthday is the perfect excuse. I remember watching the PBS Dover broadcast and thinking that if Hollywood were casting the movie they couldn’t come up with someone who looked the part any better than Eugenie.

  22. BobC says

    Happy birthday Eugenie Scott.

    Eugenie Scott was in this YouTube video with Richard Dawkins and PZ Myers.

    Eugenie Scott’s NCSE defends the teaching of evolution so this is sort of on topic: Teaching “controversial” topics

    At the Emory conference teachers shared stories about students crying in class when the evolution unit started. Others said some students received training on what questions they could ask to challenge and disrupt the lessons. A few admitted they dread the unit because of the number of complaints they get from parents and others in the community.

    Evolution makes Christians cry. I’m not surprised. There is nobody more hopelessly stupid than Christians.

    There’s two things I don’t like about this sentence: A few admitted they dread the unit because of the number of complaints they get from parents and others in the community.

    Of course it’s disgusting that there are Christian morons harassing biology teachers in this country. I think it’s almost as bad that some biology teachers think evolution belongs in one unit. I thought “nothing in biology makes sense except in the light of evolution.” Isn’t evolution suppose to be part of every single biology lesson every single day? Isn’t evolution what makes biology so interesting? Why teach it in only one unit? I think that’s almost as crazy as the creationist retards who want to completely suppress the teaching of evolution.

  23. Robert Mendez says

    BobC – Much of what you say makes sense, but calling people names or insulting Christians should not be part of the fight for a solid education. If these folks threaten you, simply because of their beliefs, or because you feel those who disagree deserve such rancor, you may want to consider why you feel that way. I do agree that teaching evolution should be a part of as many subjects as possible. I also believe we have an obligation to confront ignorance at the institutional level, but never at the individual level. Leave that to the truly ignorant.

  24. Genie says

    Just as a followup — thanks to PZ, Greg Laden,and Phil Plait, NCSE got about 20 new members (and some renewals) in the last few days. Now THAT’s a birthday present! Thanks, guys. And thanks again to all the well-wishers, too.

  25. BobC says

    Robert Mendez wrote “insulting Christians should not be part of the fight for a solid education.”

    You are obviously a big fan of censorship. However, I will continue state the obvious fact that Christians are stupid assholes for the rest of my life or until their idiotic death cult is eradicated.