1. Andre Vienne says

    gb2/b/ ?

    (I wonder if, with enough of this, I can upgrade my handbasket to a go-kart.)

  2. Sam says

    Uhh, I’m not judging or anything, but why are you looking at websites called lolita-art?

  3. says

    At #3: DeviantART, despite the name, is just a sort of Youtube/ host for people that draw, paint, etc., and lolita-art is apparently the handle of the fella/felless who drew this one.

    (I can’t diss weird handles since mine has the name of a Greek goddess when I’m a Finnish male atheist. Ugh.)

  4. alex says

    in the local supermarket in my bit of Japan, they sell full sets of Octopus tentacles with the mouthparts still attached.
    also, they’re shrinkwrapped.

  5. says

    @alex: Is that so surprising? On my last vacation in Tuscany, I bought a complete squid (calamari), including, well everything: ink sac, intestines (dunno if it’s called that way), beak, eye…. Well, I think it was everything. I’m not a biologist ;-)

    Oh, the squid was very yummy.

  6. GodS says

    How comes that some people tag pictures of a pretty girl with big eyes “lolita art”? I just see a pretty lady, some sushi and a squid under unusual circumstances. You guys must be specialists, huh?

  7. alex says


    Is that so surprising?

    it certainly surprised me. they looked like they were smiling.

  8. bsk says

    Lolita-art is the name of the artist, for those not versed in the world of Deviantart.

    That being said, we all know what happens in the fifth panel.

  9. rickflick says

    This actually happened to my wife while we were scuba diving in Hawaii. Well, not the sushi part. The dive guide found an octopus under a rock and we were passing it around the group of divers. I decided to clamp on to my wife’s face and wouldn’t let go until she put her head down near the rocks where it climbed off and then swam away. She was left with some pink round spots on her face and about a pint of slime dripping from her chin.

  10. rickflick says

    Correction…”IT decided to clamp onto my wife’s face”
    I wouldn’t think of doing such a thing.

  11. bsk says

    “I decided to clamp on to my wife’s face” – not something one usually describes to strangers, but thank you for that lovely image.


  12. stoat100 says

    Is it an out-take of the ‘Old Boy’ remake with a female protagonist? Or maybe a squid protagonist?

  13. says

    Rickflick [#18]

    Correction…”IT decided to clamp onto my wife’s face”
    I wouldn’t think of doing such a thing.

    Too bad. For a minute there, I thought maybe it was going to be a “How I met my wife” story.

  14. Michelle says

    Posted by: Kobra | October 3, 2008 4:57 AM

    I was anticipating hentai. :P

    One thing at a time! It has to rape her face first!

  15. says

    Joe sez:

    Is it just me, or is that thing missing a tentacle?

    The missing one’s down in the girl’s trachea. Molluscs watch movies too, you know.


  16. Tim says

    Hey, PZ, the caption could have been the same for the comic as it was for the Friday Cephalopod: Contact article. =)

    Cephalopod and Homo-Sapiens (on our turf).

  17. says

    Knowing the predilections of your family, PZ, and the high regard in which the formidable Skatje is held, I cannot but conclude that Skatje is the cephalopod in this image. For The Win. ;-)

  18. says

    The final frame reminds me of Alien. I wonder whether Giger was influenced by the Japanese tentacle stuff. Probably not. His early work often featured ducts and pipes disappearing into and reappearing from odd parts of the human anatomy.

  19. Chris P says

    Having had sushi in Japan, what I didn’t like was the piece of something that got BIGGER in my mouth as I chewed on it.

    Managed to hide it in the left over soup in the soup bowl, but whoooaaa.

    Chris P

  20. DaveG says

    Just realized Giger may have been inspired by Not Of This Earth – the flying umbrella was the best part of that movie.

  21. kermit says

    For those who haven’t seen it, there is a fifth panel of sorts at the bottom or the web page – follow the link. The pic at the bottom changes; refresh the page once or twice if necessary.

  22. E.V. says

    Cuttlefish, let me introduce you to

    Kobra, do these people not understand scansion?
    With wildly varying syllable counts, mismatched stress pattern agreement between lines and poor rhyming – it’s maddening to wade through all the dreck for the few that “get it”.

    Cuttlefish has mad sick skilz and the ear of an artist/satirist.

  23. Sili says

    Looks familiar. I guess I musta seen it in someone’s favourites. It’s been featured last year after all.

  24. says

    It reminds me of a beer commercial… Hapless tourist in Japan orders “sushi surprise” because it comes with his favourite beer. It latches on to his face. He says, in a muffled voice, “It tastes funny.” The hostess says brightly, “It lay eggs now.”

    Naturally, I can’t remember the brand of beer.

  25. pcarini says

    If Cuttlefish hadn’t put in an appearance I’d have given the win to Yakov S. (#8) for the obvious but requisite Soviet Russia joke. Better luck next time, Yakov, but thanks for playing, I got a good laugh out of that (what can I say? I’m easily entertained.)

  26. Jim Thomerson says

    Fish collection curator friend told me of hosting some visiting Japanese ichthologists. They arranged a meal in his honor. Seems the best and most honorable thing (next to fugu?) you can be offered to eat is a small live octopus. There is a quick swallow technique. Occasionally people get it wrong and choke to death on a small live octopus in their trachia. The point is to have the glorious experience of feeling the octopus die in your stomach.

    Once on a poorly planned field trip (ie, we had nothing to eat all day) we ended up at dark at the University of Texas Marine Lab at Aransas Pass. They had set up a tide trap with a light over it in the channel. A school of about 30 eight-inch long squid came in to feast on the attracted small fishes. I found a cast net and caught the whole school first throw. We took them into the kitchen, heated up some Crisco in a big frying pan, rolled the squid in flour, and threw them in. We ate every thing but the pen and beak. It was my first time to eat squid. Boy were they good!