Where did people come from?

It’s a common question, and it isn’t easy to explain, since much of it is complicated while the simple parts are often counter-intuitive. But here’s a
comic that tries and illustrates the problem.

Here’s the correct explanation, that actually jibes with the evidence.


Here’s the ID/creationist explanation:


Then, of course, in the competition of ideas, the two hash it out and…well, you’ll have to read the whole thing yourself. Sad to say, the ending rings true, too.


  1. mewletter says

    What to do? Delusional people tend to be very violent to have around, especially when you disagreed and mock at their beliefs. I’m still hoping humanity will wake up from this mass insanity.

  2. says

    The one problem with the cartoon, as I see it, is that it makes it appear that ‘cells’ formed very quickly. While there may have been something bacteria-like within the first billion years of life on Earth, more complex cells took much longer to develop. If you look at multicellular evolution – the way most of the public think of evolution – then the first multicellular organism appeared on the scene close to three quarters of the way through the timeline. Most of evolution has been about the development of single cellular organisms.

  3. says

    I wonder how much of support for creationism and ID is based on laziness. I am writing my thesis now and it is hard work. I would be tempted, had OK and Sally Kern succeeded in making goddidit, to just slap down goddidit as the my thesis and then write goddiditin6days for my dissertation.

  4. MaryM says

    @#2 For a cartoon I think it is shown fairly well, expecially if you read it in context. I meet a lot of people that aren’t prepared to listen to reason and some of that will be spent dodging missiles, verbal and otherwise. However, there is hope for everyone. For example one of my Office Managers is an uber-religous catholic spouty-pouty-come-and-get-your-hellfire-here type UK) and is always on the bandwagon. However, his wife has just had a new baby and now he is out of the office one of his staff is on this rather peculiar site http://infidels.org/ Now I know that he was going to church recently so all I can hope for is that he is finally breaking free of years of indoctrination…

  5. SC says

    I wonder how much of support for creationism and ID is based on laziness. I am writing my thesis now and it is hard work. I would be tempted, had OK and Sally Kern succeeded in making goddidit, to just slap down goddidit as the my thesis and then write goddiditin6days for my dissertation.

    On the other hand, look how much work continues to go into researching, for example, Noah’s Ark:


    Funny people.

  6. says

    #6 MaryM
    I have no problem with it as a funny cartoon. I just think that a lot of basic information to the public about abiogenesis falls into creationist traps by making it seem like ‘cells’ appeared very quickly. When creationists or ID proponensists claim that it’s mathematically impossible for a functioning cell of functioning proteins to randomly form at the beginning of abiogenesis they actually have a reasonable (if devious and nefarious) point and we should do our best to create a more accurate evolutionary timeline in the publics minds. We don’t have to make them understand the full details of the RNA world but at least lead them in that general direction.

  7. Holbach says

    Perhaps Gertrude Stein had the right answer, unconsciously or not mocking religion:

    “There ain’t no answer.
    There ain’t going to be any answer.
    There never has been an answer.
    That’s the answer.”

    With insane religion this is the only answer. The morons.

  8. MaryM says


    Yes, things get over or under-simplified, or simply twisted out of true and it does no-one any favours. It is a bit like the timeline of the big bang until the present… if it were all to scale we might miss the interesting stuff that happens near the end of the line so we have to over generalise and skip on stuff just to catch their attention. I absolutely agree that more focus should be placed on the precursors of life – but cute little mammals seem to win for some reason!

  9. Bacopa says

    Nice artistic touch that the blood oozed out between in he second frame after the crush.

    Sure, it brushed over cellular evolution and the complex origin of mlticellular life, but the issue was human origins. You sometimes have to rush over those things.

    And genesgalore up in #5. I doubt a cro-magnons could take a neanderthal in a fight. If thee was a whole lof of direct killing, modern humans used their superior language and organization skills to make sure all fights were at least three against one.

  10. Darth Wader says


    The general public still doesn’t understand the fundamentals about evolution. I still get the “Why are there still monkeys?” argument (though I do live in rural Texas).

    The comic does show that both creationists and evolutionists use rocks to make their point.

  11. David Marjanović, OM says

    The comic does show that both creationists and evolutionists use rocks to make their point.

    :-D Consider my day saved. :-)

  12. Marcus says

    The comic does show that both creationists and evolutionists use rocks to make their point.

    It’s funny, I just saw this comic which also uses a rock to make its point against religion :P.

  13. Sastra says

    Ah, but this is a cautionary comic strip. See what happens when the evolutionist laughs and argues? After the creationist “explanation,” there should have been a great big balloon coming out of the evolutionists mouth with the word “RESPECT”. Then the final panel would have the two marching off into the sunset together, holding hands, problem solved.

    No arguing. Just sharing.

  14. Alan Chapman says

    The reason why religious adherents tend to be predisposed to violence is because differing religious views can’t be reconciled empirically.

  15. Darth Wader says

    I disagree. If that were true, wouldn’t the Buddhist monks set the communists rather than themselves on fire. The Judea-Christian-Islamic tradition is violent.

  16. Alan Chapman says

    #26 By religion I mean belief in the supernatural. It’s impossible to demonstrate empirically that one person’s god is real while somebody else’s god is imaginary. When I was growing up, children would sometimes get into shouting matches on the school playground over whose favorite comic book superhero was stronger. The religious mindset is similar.

  17. TerryKath says

    Hey, did you notice the face in that meteor in the last frame, with the little red tears coming out of it? Praize Belaqe!

  18. LongRider says

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  19. MTran says

    @15 & 17,

    So tell me, smarty pants, if stick figures came from sticks, why are sticks still around? Huh? Bet you didn’t think of that, did you?

    You godless artsy types are all the same. You will all burn in hell.

    But I will pray for you, even though you hate god and his holy sticks.

  20. Patricia says

    Hey Holbach – There’s a really good video over at Google video of Robert Price debating a fool. Just search Did Jesus Rise From the Dead. Price gets really wound up for several seconds. Good stuff!

  21. Patricia says

    So MTran, I’m bound for hell huh. Which one? The one ruled over by Hades and Persephone? The one ruled by Hela that is ice? Or the one with an eternal lake of fire?
    You are full of shit.
    Speaking of your worthless gawd…why did he plan a horrible storm for all those folks in the south? Why is he making them suffer? Why doesn’t gawd stop it?
    Does being as stupid as you are hurt?
    Inquiring minds want to know!

  22. MTran says

    Hey, Patricia,

    You asked:”Does being as stupid as you are hurt?”

    Uh, you should know, since you are obviously incapable of comprehending even the most obvious satire. So take a pill.

    And, you never answered why sticks are still around, even though stick figures have been used since the stone age! Answer that one, if you’re so smart.

  23. Patricia says

    MTran – On the contrary I am one of the most ignorant hillbillies that posts here. As I have remarked several times.
    Quite simply I did not recognize your post as satire Offers to pray for someone are usually genuine. But I was wrong, and I do beg your pardon. :)

  24. MTran says


    No harm done. I’ve misread plenty of posts myself. But I never realized how easy it is to unintentianally perform a Poe!

    So let’s be godless friends.

    Here, have an internet Belgian dark chocolate truffle, or an internet beverage of your choice. (Internet snacks have no calories, you know.)

  25. JoJo says

    Where do the Nazis come in?

    After World War I, quite a bit later after Aske and Embla were created. Why do you ask?

  26. MTran says

    Hey, and talk about unintentional, that’s an awfully ugly “unintent-anal” typo I made. And I couldn’t hit the cancel button in time to stop it.


  27. says

    I’ve got to wonder about the creationist mentality. I was reading an article on the NYTimes website about teaching evolution in Florida, and once again there was a student who said “I didn’t come from an ape”. Now there are a couple of seriously major things wrong with this.

    1. As Ken Miller has repeatedly stressed, we are apes! The person who did the taxonomic breakdown of all species was a creationist, and where we fit into the order of animals is in the prime-ape category. So not only were our ancestors apes, all our descendants will be too!
    2. The bible story says that we were made out of dirt. I find it funny that people take exception to being an ape yet find comfort in being nothing more than an animated clay golem.

    So that’s always fascinated me. Why a creationist will take exception to being descended from an ape or even coming out of a primordial ooze, yet stress how much grandeur there is in being crafted out of dirt. They have it backward!

  28. DLC says

    Obviously sticks evolved from monkeys . . .
    which is why monkeys throw sticks, rocks and feces at intruders. they’re trying to create new life!

  29. Bob Vogel says

    I love this. I just wish the “evolution” side of it was portrayed as not only sticks, but a tree, the trunk being a lengthy stretch of cells, the branches – all of rest of us on this earth (stubbed down a bit for clarity of course ;) – but humans on the same main branch as the chimps, waving at each other – to make a not-so-subtle point!.

    ‘Course this observation is probably viewed through mild OCD.

    But I too would love a T of this – on at least a Hanes – and not a damned transfer from somebody’s computer printer – I want it to last. (and I’d be willing to pay someone good money for this)

    And something else you graphic designers out there might want to look at…. have you ever seen those little kids on the back of cars kneeling and praying to a cross?

    Lets do them one better!

    How about a telescope (that looks (damn near)) just like that cross we have to look at constantly (in the U.S. at least) on our commutes to work? With a little girl looking thru it (the stars & planets all around) and the little boy looking on? Would that not be simply awesome?? Bet it would get some double-taken glances! (and a not-so-subtle way to send a clear message about science education??)(not to mention what we think of THEIR sticker)

    I’m not much of an artist. But I do have Adobe Photoshop full-version tho and get around in it okay, willing to help w/this with someone far more talented. And I’d be far more than willing to spend a few bucks on it. Any takers or suggestions??

    Trekkinbob@aol.com (I’m brave, but not that rich)

  30. Patricia says

    Aaaahhhhhh. But here we have our sweet revenge. The christian that dropped the rock on the poor innocent atheist is going to hell.
    Jebus said – “You have heard that it was said to men of old, ‘You shall not kill, and whoever kills shall be liable to judgement.’ But I say to you that everyone angry with his brother shall be liable to judgement; whoever insults his brother shall be liable to the council; and whoever says; ‘You fool’ shall be liable to the hell of fire.” Matthew 5:21 – 22