DNC provides evidence for gods

You may recall that some whackaloons going to pray for rain in Denver to ruin Obama’s acceptance speech. It didn’t work — no surprise there — but there was an incident, a small selective event. A defective sprinkler went off, flooding a skybox booth.

It belonged to Fox News.

Omens and portents!


  1. clinteas says

    Ahhh,come on PZ,weve been there in the other DNC thread,I just dont get the whole religious pandering crap at all,Neg pointed this out,I reckon the Dems are getting this one wrong,they will end up losing votes if they keep this religious BS up.I mean,WTF,trying to be more religious than the religious,wont people be able to tell that you are fake and not the genuine article,no matter how hard you try?

  2. ThirtyFiveUp says

    The link is to Crooks and Liars which invites comments. Their commenters are excellent.

  3. Richard Harris says

    Nahhhh! God didn’t do it. The fecker can’t do anything, as I pretty-well proved the other day.

    I went into a church – at a National Trust estate – and challenged the fecker. You see, the aisle was blocked off because of falling masonry, so I dared the god thing to smite me. The fecker missed its chance – not even a tiny little stone fell upon me.

    Our pet cat’s got more power than that Jehovah fellah.

  4. Brian D says

    Sprinklers? Peh — I think I can top that. In fact, I just posted it over on the original thread for that, not noticing that this one would be more pertinent.

    It looks like their prayers royally backfired, doesn’t it?

  5. says

    I think the sprinklers were set off by the incense during a Fox News prayer break. Or maybe they were toasting wafers for communion. (I’d suggest they were stoking a fire for a virgin sacrifice, but I don’t know that Jonah Goldberg was even there at the time.)

  6. says

    This comment probably belongs 2 threads down, but I filmed some Rev. Phelps wannabes, spewing their hate on the 16th Street Mall in downtown Denver.

    The cops protected these jerks, yet hasslle the anti-war people.

  7. Richard says

    From C&L:

    The cause of the sprinkler is under investigation…

    That’s what happens when amateurs try to save a few books and fool around with the Necronomicon on their own. Next time they should hire a professional Wiccan for all their spell-casting needs.

  8. Reginald Selkirk says

    You may recall that some whackaloons going to pray for rain in Denver to ruin Obama’s acceptance speech. It didn’t work

    Is that a prophecy? Because his acceptance speech isn’t until Thursday.

  9. Richard says

    “try to save a few books…”

    Uh, that was supposed to be “bucks”. Better go put on my magic underwear, as someone has obviously cursed me with a misspelling demon.

  10. Max Verret says

    DNC provides evidence for God?

    Didn’t Aquinas do that by the Argument for Necessity in the fourteenth century?

  11. Chris P says

    Be careful PZ – Obama doesn’t speak at Mile High until Thursday night and it often rains in the evening with lightening and thunder here in Colorado.

  12. skinman says

    I live in Castle Rock and last Sunday we got hit with rain, lightning, hail and tornados. Maybe god was listening, he was just off the mark by 5 days and about 30 miles.

  13. Nick Gotts says

    DNC provides evidence for God?

    Didn’t Aquinas do that by the Argument for Necessity in the fourteenth century? – Max Verret@14

    1) The post title says “gods” not “God”.
    2) Aquinas wrote several alleged proofs of the existence of God, but none of them were sound, or in fact provided any evidence whatsoever for their supposed conclusion.

  14. rob says

    not only did the sprinkler soak the fox news box, when i tried to go to the link to the story, i got

    “500 Server Error”

    which means the server has been smited too!

  15. Aaron Baker says

    Apropos of nothing:

    I want to state here that I’ve been leisurely working my way through John Mackie’s THE MIRACLE OF THEISM, a book I’d read dribs and drabs of for years, without taking on the whole thing. It provides, as I’d already suspected, quite simply the best analysis and critique there is of the traditional arguments for God. One thing that comes out in Mackie’s careful, step by step destruction is that some of these arguments are by no means contemptible, and require some intellectual heavy lifting to counter properly. Boring or not, as some have charged (and detailed, careful thinking usually is boring), Mackie’s critique is hands down better than the breezy, sometimes inaccurate attacks in Dawkins’s THE GOD DELUSION. I really wish more people would read Mackie.

  16. David Marjanović, OM says

    Mighty, verily, is His Noodly Appendage, and praised be His Monstrous Name. (May He have the IPU for breakfast.)

  17. Philippe says

    somewhat off topic and, I’m sorry for that, in French, but score one for the good guys.


    nutshell: starting this year, public schools in the province of Quebec (a former hotbed of Catholic oppression) will stop teaching catholicism and start teaching an “ethics and religious culture” class where all religions will be looked at. Not thaught (sic?) but examined as a cultural. As a system of belief and not necessarily facts. An example: Creation will be “compared” to the Atikameks’ Great JackRabbit legend…

    There is light protest, nothing worrisome…

  18. Ryan F Stello says

    Alverant (#24) asked,

    What do you want to bet someone is going to say it was intentional?

    Meh, they probably only have themselves to blame, anyway:

    From C&L,

    ..early reports indicate it was likely bumped or the heat sensor may have been affected by equipment in the room.

    …All that hot air, what could anyone expect?

  19. fusilier says

    Schmeer, (#28)
    have you tried Blanche de Chambly yet? It’s a difficult choice, so I have to keep comparing.

    James 2:24

  20. Philippe says

    Fusilier, why choose?

    Maudite is good with a hockey game, Blanche in a gathering/party, La Fin du Monde is for that special moment and Don de Dieu for an intimate supper with significant other(s).

  21. Sili says

    Inconsistency is an emetic? Who knew.

    Are we sure this isn’t some kind of IRL-Pharyngulation? Mightn’t a coupla savvy Pharyngulistas have pushed a button somewhere?

  22. ThirtyFiveUp says

    “Posted by: Me again | August 27, 2008 2:27 PM
    You are so pathetically inconsistent that pictures of you should be kept in emergency rooms to be used to induce vomiting.”


  23. Chris P says

    Brownian Om

    That is lightening as in “to make less heavy”. When the lightning strikes it causes you to jump and to appear less heavy.

    Chris P

  24. Patricia says

    Which one of us should be used to induce vomiting?
    Inquiring minds want to know.

  25. Holbach says

    Dan did it. Kudos to you Dan; you certainly put a damper on that fiasco. Which head was responsible?

  26. John C. Randolph says

    Sorry, I’m not buying the “defective sprinkler head” story. It was a case of vandalism, which probably caused upwards of a million dollars in damage. Broadcast gear isn’t cheap.


  27. Max Verret says

    Aleph at 38

    Yes, 13th. C. The 14th. C belonged to William of Ockam and his traeatise on Nomanalism. He’s kind of a light-heavy weigh

    I have been reading some of Keith Ward from Gresham College Oxford and his rational proof of God. He’s kind of a middle weight.

  28. Max Verret says

    Dagger at 44

    When you see Ann Coulter it renews your faith is God because you know that man alone could not have created something like that.

  29. Holbach says

    If Ann coulter lands in prison, will she be born again? Or will she finally go insane? Same thing.

  30. Holbach says

    Max Verret @ 46 And only man could create something like your imaginary god. Renews my faith in what man is capable of, especially in deriding irraional nonsense that he gave birth to in the first place.

  31. says

    So I see the nomination is official, now, and Weather Underground has 0 mm in Denver for the last 48 hours, at least…

    (But y’know how it is with the god-besotted. They’ll just move the goalposts. I mean, sure, Denver’s dry. But there’s another hurricane bearing down on New Orleans. Clearly, this is the sky daddy’s punishment for the Democrats’ failing to select a candidate who explicitly endorses the biblical stoning of heretics, and, indeed, participates himself in such events… Or for the Democrats’ existing at all… Obey yer gawd! And his agents on this Earth, the stentorian televangelists! Or the sub-sea-level city gets it! Again!)

  32. says

    Max, your comment at 46 has basically solidified any doubt I had in your status as a troll. And if not a troll, then someone totally detached from politics as practiced in the real world.

    In any case, off with you.

  33. Pete Moulton says

    I may be an atheist, but this gives me a whole new appreciation for the laws of karma.

    OTOH, the O-man’s speech isn’t until tonight, so we’ll see how the fundies’ prayers work then. As a native Denverite I also have a deep appreciation for the unpredictability of the Mile High City’s weather.

  34. Chris P says

    Well at 4.30pm from a hill overlooking Denver – there ISN’T A CLOUD in the sky – only haze from some wildfires in North East Colorado.

    Chris P

  35. Chris P says

    Well its 6.20 pm and still not a cumulus in sight.

    Supposedly clear tonight with 10% chance of thunderstorms TOMORROW NIGHT.

    Chris P

  36. Chris P says

    How much more proof do we need that prayer doesn’t work?

    How many more experiments must be run before this bunch of dufii figure it out?

    Chris P

  37. pzoot says

    Looks like it backfired — the republican convention is being disrupted by rain (in New Orleans) instead!