Good morning, Blake!

Another willing victim has been absorbed into the empire: Blake Stacey, the guy I want by my side in a gunfight (we’re still waiting for Ben Goldacre to release the embarrassing photos of that incident), has brought his blog into the SciencBlogs fold. Check out the new Science After Sunclipse.


  1. Sastra says


    Congratulations! It’s about time. Though it probably means Blake will be commenting here less and less.


  2. SC says

    Excellent! And now I won’t be seeing writing across my walls after I read his posts. My eyes thank you, ScienceBlogs! :)

  3. firemancarl says

    Blake Stacey, the guy I want by my side in a gunfight

    Yeah, but does he have a cyber pistol? And if so, are you two now the cyber pistoleros?

  4. mothra says

    The old question: “How many angels can dance on the head of a pin?”
    The new question: “How many science blogs can fit between the ‘covers’ of Seed?” Great that you’re here, but, are we putting all our basks in one exit? I hope the Seed overlords are fiscally responsible for a generation or two.

  5. Interrobang says

    Congratulations Blake Stacey!

    I might as well just set my browser to always open ScienceBlogs, because between Blake Stacey’s being here now, Respectful Insolence, denialism blog, Deltoid, and the constant Pharyngufest, I practically never leave anymore.

  6. Reginald Selkirk says

    This is great. The next step in improving scienceblogs could be trading “the hair” to Discover blogs in exchange for a piece of phlegm to be named later.

  7. Patricia says

    Blakes off to a good start. He just got his first idiot poster, and I called the guy a ‘fucktard’ – so his christing *pfffft* went well. ;)

  8. clinteas says

    Ranson,No 12,

    Orac is the guy that sells an increase in measles cases from 40 to 130 in a population of 300 million as a catastrophe.
    He is right in his quest to oppose the Jenny McCarthys of this world,but i just wish he would base his posts on relevant data.
    Makes the rest of us look bad in a way.

  9. says

    Well, the usual bugbear I have when blogs shift over to Scienceblogs rears its ugly head again… for some reason I can’t seem to get the RSS feed button thingy to work for a while (typically a couple of days) after the blog comes up. I don’t know if it’s a problem with me, Firefox, Bloglines or Scienceblogs.

  10. says

    Hi, Blake! Welcome, or congratulations, and did you reserve a van for the move? :-)

    OMG, thanks for reminding me, Kseniya.

    Blake, I’d so totally help you move, but I’m booked up all weekend. You see, my cat is sick, and my mother is coming to town, and my trick knee is acting up again, and I’m allergic to ramps….

    Otherwise, I’d totally be there for you, buddy.

  11. James F says

    Well done, Blake! You were one of the first Pharyngulites I met in person (“judging by the octopus, I’m guessing this is the Pharyngula meetup….”) and I enjoy your blog. A welcome addition to the SB community! Salud!

  12. Qwerty says

    OMG, I know less about physics than biology! Anyhow, congrats on joining PZ at Seed. I went over and watched the Youtube video you’ve posted. Appreciated the Ravel, but the rest was over my head.